‘What else can I say?’

There’s so much assholery in the story of Ryan Mallett’s move from Michigan to Arkansas that you have to categorize it.

First, there’s Lloyd Carr’s.

At the Capital One Bowl, we were trying to smooth things out, and we talked to Coach Carr,Jim Mallett, Ryan’s dad, said. “I asked him, ‘Coach, next to my dad, you’re the classiest person I’ve ever been around. What would you do if Ryan was your son? He said, ‘If I was in that situation, with a different offense, he needs to leave.’

Nothing like stabbing the new guy in the back – before he’s even on the clock as the new head coach.  Not even a “lemme see what I can find out about him first”.

And Carr’s the classy one.

The punchline is that RichRod goes and vindicates Carr’s assholery by being a bigger asshole.

… And when Rodriguez knew Mallett was considering it, he didn’t even ask him to meet, the Malletts said. Instead, it was Ryan who set it up.

Ryan’s the one who called (Rich Rod),” Jim Mallett continued. “He said, “Can I talk about the offense?’ And then he told me, ‘Daddy, (Rodriguez) never looked me in the eye.’ He never visited with the family, he didn’t talk to us. I never met the man. But hey, it wasn’t a fit. Let’s move on.

Way to man up there, Rich.  At this point, if I’m Mallett, I’d be wondering if I could trust any coach.  Enter Bobby Petrino.

Bobby Petrino was the polar opposite of Lloyd Carr, who is the warmest, sweetest man,” Debbie Mallett said. “Petrino was all business. That was a turn-off for me. I was used to Coach Carr. I knew Ryan wanted to be there, but I was opposed to Coach Petrino. So, I said, “Get me Brian Brohm’s parents’ phone number (because he played for Petrino at Louisville). So, I explained who I was and said, ‘If you had to do it over again, would you want your son to play for Bobby Petrino?’ (Brohn’s parent) said, ‘Hell, yeah. If you got soft ears, you’ll hear some ugly words. But we were actually pissed he wasn’t staying Atlanta (so Brohn could play for him).’ I said, ‘What else can I say?’ After the season, I wrote (Petrino) a note and said, ‘If any parent wants my phone number, feel free to give it to them.’

In other words, sure, he’s an asshole, but at least he’s an asshole who can develop a pocket passer.  Competent asshole, ftw!


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21 responses to “‘What else can I say?’

  1. Irishdawg

    Bobby Petrino, a dick?
    I am Jack’s total lack of surprise, said every Falcons fan everywhere.


  2. Coondawg

    When can we get the parents to do the Wonderlic Test and post those scores!


  3. I’ve always aspired to be a competent asshole.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    I don’t see Carr as an asshole at all. He knew what system Rodriguez was bringing in, and he knew the immobile Mallett wouldn’t fit. But yeah, if you’re forced to choose between assholes, always choose the competent one.


    • ChicagoDawg

      Agreed. Ryan Mallett is the anti-type of a RichRod QB. If there were a continuum of QB styles, Ryan Mallett would be on one end and Denard Robinson would be on the other. It was clear as soon as RichRod was hired that the changing of offensive style was as important to UM as was the coach. They were looking to mix things up entirely, so I don’t think Carr did anything untoward here as there was no mystery as to what that meant for Mallett. I have heard/read nothing but positive things about Carr’s integrity/style. To re-use the continuum approach above, Carr is on one end and Petrino would be on the other.


    • heyberto

      I agree. I don’t really see a problem with what Carr did. He was honest with a kid that he recruited and cared for. It’s not as if Rich Rod really wanted Mallett for that his offense. I’m sure he would have tried to keep him so he’d have someone who could throw, but it really wouldn’t have worked out too much differently for RichRod those first few years.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I agree BR. If Mallett’s dad is in his ear bitching all the time, I can see where Carr would just turn and say ‘then maybe the kid should leave’.


  5. The other possibility: the Mallets are FOS.


  6. TennesseeDawg

    So the whole thing is an asshole’s paradise.


  7. Cojones

    Hey, Realist- You’re half there. Now you need to work on the competent part.


  8. Hobnail_Boot

    Geez, Mallet is a whiner.


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Meanwhile, Mallett winds up at New England where he learns from the best QB and one of the best HCs in football. Sure looks like all this worked out well for him, lower draft pick or not. Mallett either ends up as the high paid back-up for a few years then becomes the starter at on of the greatest franchises in the NFL or serves his time as back-up, gets traded (or leaves via free agency) and becomes a starter elsewhere. Carr’s advice sure looks pretty good.


  10. Never a Doubt

    Senator, I think you’re off on this one. I understand where you’re coming from, but I think you’re jaded based on your experience with people in college football (understandably, of course). I know people who swear by Carr and he was in a difficult position where he had conflicting loyalties — to his institution and to a kid he recruited. He chose the kid. I wouldn’t ascribe that to his desire to hurt Rodriguez, even though stuff like that happens all the time. It could have been motiviated entirely by what he thought was best for the kid. Knowing what I know of Carr, I don’t think the inference you’re drawing is the right one here (even though 90% of the time it would be). Thanks for passing the story along, though. Great read.