Those budget cuts must be a bear.

What, the Department of Justice can’t afford overnight delivery?

I bet Bill Hancock uses Fed Ex to send his important letters.


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6 responses to “Those budget cuts must be a bear.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    The Justice Department used priority mail, and its letter is one of the 20% that don’t get delivered in the 2-3 days they (don’t really) promise.

    • Puffdawg

      Which would be an irony of all ironies… the Federal Gov’t, spending all it’s time and resources imposing its will to ensure a more fair, efficient college football post season, can’t even properly handle what’s currently on their plate, like delivering mail.

  2. Matt

    This quote from ND’s AD sums it up….

    “College football is the engine that drives collegiate athletics, and that is built not around the postseason but the vibrancy of the regular season,” he said. “Those of us in the industry will do anything we can to protect the regular season because it’s so important to the overall enterprise. If I’m going to give student-athletes an opportunity (to compete) in 26 sports, I have to have a vibrant regular season in football.”

    • You’re ignoring the Magical Playoff Fairy who will sprinkle enough stardust over all of college athletics finances to make every athletic director in the country flush.

      • crap sandwich

        Yeah flush their athletic budgets down the toilet.

      • Puffdawg

        It just blows my mind how simple this can be boiled down. If the BCS is declared illegal, the Big Six and ND are NOT going along with a profit sharing playoff. They just aren’t. They are going back to the old Bowl Coalition. There will not be fairness financially or “on the field.” Am I missing something? Congress cannot force Penn St, Alabama, et al to participate in a playoff if they don’t want to particpate.