Quick, Watson, the game is afoot!

The super sleuths at PlayoffPAC think they’ve stumbled onto the smoking gun in the playoff caper.

… NCAA Bylaws prohibit any BCS competitor from dealing directly with schools to establish a post-season playoff, prevent schools or already-sanctioned bowls from banding together to start a post-season playoff, and impose a collective boycott if any school steps over the line.

These rules are an airtight barrier to entry for any BCS alternative, including a playoff. Since teams are limited to only one postseason game, even the oft-discussed plus one format would be a violation of the bylaws. And schools cannot privately contract with a Mark Cuban or any other entrepreneur who would create a playoff.

The NCAA does not need to sponsor or create a competitive post-season for one to emerge. All it needs to do is stop standing in the way.

Professor Moriarty Mark Emmert, you fiend!

The idea that the organization which has allowed D-1 football to add a twelfth regular season game and conference playoff games, overseen an expansion to a 20-team (soon to be 24) FCS football playoff and just added another limited round of games to its crown jewel basketball tourney now stands as some sort of implacable barrier to a football playoff is laughable.

Guys, your problem isn’t that the NCAA says no.  It’s that nobody’s asked it for permission in the first place.


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2 responses to “Quick, Watson, the game is afoot!

  1. TennesseeDawg

    “Our job at the NCAA is not to impose a postseason structure on the member institutions. It is to determine the desire of our members and to facilitate those ends.”
    Hodgepodgery!! It must be some kind of conspiracy creating this pandalerium!