One pundit does not a meme make, but still…

Bruce Feldman goes there.

Tyler (Atlanta)

Bruce Is Georgia going to the SEC Championship this year?

bruce feldman
  (3:04 PM)

They’re my pick to win the SEC East. I like Aaron Murray a lot and I think Isaiah Crowell will help fix one of the SEC’s worst running games. Plus its Yr 2 in the defensive scheme.

If there’s positive buzz out of summer practice about Crowell and Jenkins, expect Feldman to have media company.  I’m not sure that’ll do Richt any favors in getting his team ready for the season.


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15 responses to “One pundit does not a meme make, but still…

  1. zdub

    Other than arrests, this is the last thing we need. I prefer that they keep talking about Richt being on the hot seat. Let’s try to keep our players’ heads as small as possible this off season.

    You’re right, Senator. This will pick up steam if the reports of how the new recruits are progressing this summer are in any way positive.

    Then again, maybe we will see a UGA team actually perform well under a little bit of hype and pressure to start the season. Haven’t seen that for a few years now, eh?


  2. crap sandwich

    With you Senator on hyping this team To pick us to win the East, just raises the fans expectations and the Kool-Aid get’s delicious. Yeah no favors to Richt.


  3. heyberto

    That meme is my single biggest fear going into the season…


  4. Yeah, you’re right. Since about 2003 or so, we’ve been far too immature under Richt to handle hype. And it’s gotten progressively worse. Hype has definitely been our enemy because we don’t know how to deal with it.


  5. TennesseeDawg

    Cut the hype until after the BSU and USCe games. If we win both of those then let the hype machine begin.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Then the kids will have something to base their swagger on. Right now, we’re still coming off a 6-7 season.


  6. crap sandwich

    Senator this may be a first, all of us in agreement!


  7. HK

    Don’t be head cases.


  8. dboy

    This has more to do with attrition in the SEC east. If Fla was at their championship form w/ Tebow etc, no way ppl would be picking us to win anything.


    • Dawgfan Will

      Why should that apply to us more than anyone else? Anybody who wins a championship largely does it because they have simply reached a point in the cycle when their opponents have dropped in quality compared to them.


  9. I am with Tennesse Dawg on this one-we need to sucker punch the first two!


  10. Reptillicide

    Honestly, I don’t think that a couple of media pundits projecting success for Georgia is going to make any of our guys forget 6-7. I don’t think there will be any resting on laurels because of hype.


    • sUGArdaddy

      Right on. Richt & Co. are banging the 6-7 drum. These kids will be hungry. I don’t mind getting a little love. It’s gonna help us on our march to N.O.

      It sounds absolutely crazy, but we have all the makings to make a run. The schedule is perfect. We get 2 REALLY big games early, but like Auburn with Clemson and South Carolina, all we have to do is get by. Kyle Parker missed a wide open TD to win the game in OT for Clemson on the Plains. He makes that throw and Auburn might lose 3-4. He doesn’t and the rest is history. Chemistry settles in and they start believing they can’t lose behind and uber talented QB. We can do the same thing.

      It won’t be easy. Auburn lucked out against Clemson. Spurrier lost his mind on the Plains and probably costs Fake USC the game. Newton led a length of the field game winning drive to kick a FG at the buzzer in Lexington. They had to score a hundred to beat Arkansas and Newton had to play the game of his life for them to beat LSU. We had them down 21-7. Auburn had them down 24-0. All you remember is that they won them. That’s all that matters. Just win them. Win the first one. Win the second one. Let’s rest up against the Chanticleers and see what happens.

      Feldmen might not be that far off.


  11. The Watergirl

    What everyone is complaining about is the biggest problem with my beloved UGA team, top tier programs expect to be top rated and they play like it!! UGA hasn’t believed it was good enough in a long time and for our program to become dominent again we need to set out expectations higher and quit fearing it!!!