You can go your own way.

Stephen Garcia graduated yesterday, which means he can head down the same road Russell Wilson’s traveling, if he so chooses.

… Though Garcia could transfer anywhere as a graduate student — something even Spurrier has mentioned — he has said he wants to return to USC for his fifth and final season. The Gamecocks reached the SEC championship game a year ago for the first time, and Garcia believes the 2011 team has a good chance to return to Atlanta and win the school’s first SEC title.

A decision is expected in the next few weeks, and many anticipate Garcia will be reinstated by June, in time for summer workouts.

June, hunh.  I wonder if reinstatement would be as quick if the player in question didn’t have any leverage.



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  1. Stephen Garcia isn’t the reason we lost in Columbia last year. It was because we couldn’t get Marcus Lattimore on the ground with sloppy tackling. We may not beat USCe in September, but it won’t be because of Garcia. It will be because we can’t control their big receivers and Lattimore.


    • Macallanlover

      Dead on, Garcia wasn’t the difference maker at all. Our tacklers bouncing off Lattimore was an early indication that our defense could not get off the field, and it lasted all freaking year. Jeffries and Lattimore will determine if we are ready to contend in 2011, not a doofus like Garcia. If SOS lets him back on the team it may be good for opponents because the rest of the team cannot have any respect left for either the Coach or the QB


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Regardless whether Garcia or Lattimore is the reason we lost last year, there’ll be some rich irony and flimsy rationalizing if Garcia starts against Georgia.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Garcia will be reinstated if Wilson chooses Auburn. He will not be reinstated if Wilson chooses USCe. Either way, Spurrier will have excuses.


  3. mwo

    Garcia will be back soon, because SOS has no backbone-just an asshole hanging on a piece of gristle.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I have been predicting that something like this would happen for over a year. I actually thought that Garcia would leave before last season but apparently he had this planned instead. You can only ride a guy so much before he rebels against you. The way SOS handled Garcia is textbook how NOT to deal with a problem player. Badmouthing a kid in the papers has no place in coaching. Not saying that Garcia is right but when a coach is consistently a douchebag to his QBs sooner or later it will bite him on the ass. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Terry Dean and Garcia have been talking.


  5. Chuck

    You know, I have mixed emotions about this. Part of me thinks it would be ridiculous to reinstate him, and I also wonder, degree notwithstanding, if he is legitimate graduate school material.

    But not letting him back on the team gives the fans an automatic excuse – it doesn’t have to be a legitimate excuse – for not finally cashing in on a championship.


    • Sep

      True. Makes you wonder about a graduate degree from there.
      I like the fact the kid is thumbing his nose at Spurrier though.


  6. South FL Dawg

    Where is Garcia going to transfer with his baggage? He’ll stay put as long as he’s not kicked off the team, which Spurrier won’t do. Those 2 are stuck with each other which should make for good times at SEC media day.


    • crap sandwich

      Yeah but he could really screw over Spurrier couldn’t he? Especially if Wilson goes elsewhere and then Garcia transfers. Ouch.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If Garcia stays and the Cocks lose a couple of games early (i.e. to UGA and/or Auburn and Miss State) SOS will sit Garcia and start Conner Shaw and ruin Garcia’s senior season. Garcia has to know that. If not, Terry Dean sure will be glad to tell him. Garcia is gone. A deal with some school a la Masoli is already in the works. Who needs an SEC caliber QB (who already won 1 SEC East title)? Who had its QB leave for the NFL and doesn’t have an experienced player coming back at that position? Auburn–that’s who. Maybe it won’t happen but…….


  7. crap sandwich

    Yeah who has who over a barrel? I think this is hilarious.


  8. Zero Point Zero

    Re: Title
    Senator, Can you think of an established band that added as much as FM did with LB and SN? Just saying.


  9. The Watergirl

    Biggest tragedy is that a kid like Garcia is actually capable of graduating from college, wonder what kind of academics USC really offers!!!


  10. South FL Dawg

    Tutors, study hall, frat brothers….


  11. CoastalGamecock

    Keep up the trash talk, bozos. It’s cheap just like the source. You UGA clowns are so afraid of what the Gamecocks are going to do to you it’s laughable. Garcia never left, got it. He’s here to stay and speaking of staying the SEC East will still be in Columbia next year. I hope you enjoy crap snadwiches because you UGA pukes will have a pile of them to eat come Sept. 10. Enjoy your lunch. QB is not an issue, the Gamecocks are loaded. If you had trouble with Lattimore wait till you have to stop Miles and Baker. It’s going to be sooo much fun.