A few good men

A former alumni association president sues members of the Auburn University trustee selection committee to overturn the nomination of Bobby Lowder and eight others to AU’s governing board, claims other “prominent Auburn people” want to pitch in.


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8 responses to “A few good men

  1. The other Doug

    I wish him luck.


  2. JaxDawg

    What a bunch of dysfunctional, pathetic, cheating rubes. F em all.


  3. Scott W.

    This is exactly what needs to happen. Soon someone will rollover after their delicate sensibilities have been offended.


  4. shane#1

    I will cast no stones at AU. Folks what live in glass houses shouldna’ chunk rocks. I am glad that some WDEs are finally standing up to the man that has run roughshod over their program for years.Now there are some in administration and on the Board of Trustees at UGA that have been there too long.


    • Don Leeburn

      WTF kinda wisecrack was that? STFU or I’ll be kickin’ your scrawny ass all the way to Snellville! After all I’ve done for the Bulldogs, too! Damn smartass!


      • shane#1

        Bring it on old man. We own a lot of land here in South Ga. We have a big Cat back hoe. We have guns, and besides, I don’t think anybody’s going to miss you that much.


  5. Dboy

    I can see these guys getting into a vicious tug of war match over one of Cam Newton’s shoelaces


  6. Macallanlover

    Yet they have no problem with Cheetzit, or Trooper Taylor. Ethics and integrity, you either stand for them, or agin ’em; doesn’t matter the title one holds.