At least she’s consistent.

Andrea Adelson moved from the Orlando Sentinel to ESPN.   It looks like she took her high regard for the Georgia program with her.

In the preseason last year she picked the Dawgs as the 64th best team in the country, citing the schedule, the new quarterback and the change on defense as weak spots.  She whiffed on Murray, was right on the defense and was arguably saved by the Green suspension.

She’s not seeing better days ahead.

Cory (Boise)

Andrea, do you think Boise will beat Georgia and TCU and go to the National Championship

Andrea Adelson
  (2:07 PM)

Cory, I do not see a national championship appearance for Boise State this year, but I do think the Broncos win those two games. I am still undecided on whether they will go undefeated. There is a real chance they are going to lose one along the way, though, either to San Diego State, Air Force or Tulsa. I think the AFA and Tulsa might seem hard to believe because it is on the blue turf, but these are teams that are going to be solid this season.

When you see Tulsa at home as a bigger threat than Georgia in Atlanta, that’s pretty much an endorsement of mediocrity.  Even though this year’s problem just happened to Georgia.

Scott (Hiram,Ga.)

Andrea, I think this game will be just as HYPED as last years with VT, simply because as you said its against the SEC and UGA will be out to prove that last years 6-7 record was a fluke-ish season! I think we have the best schedule we’ve had in years to really turn things around and vie for the East Conf Title. Go Dawgs!

Andrea Adelson
  (2:15 PM)

You also asked about the self-imposed sanctions, 3 fewer practices for Boise State before UGA. I think this could have an impact because all those preseason practices are important, especially the ones in pads when players get used to tackling again. Big blow for UGA losing Ealey it seems. Not much depth at RB and now having to rely on Crowell to come in right away.

So how bad is Georgia’s season gonna be?  Andrea guesses it’s going to be pretty damned bad.

Duncan (Lubbock)

Who do you like to win the SEC East this year? And will Mark Richt get fired by season’s end?

Andrea Adelson
  (2:42 PM)

Veering off non-AQs but I will accept … South Carolina and I have no idea. My guess is … yes.

If she gets bailed out with another jersey sale suspension before the season starts, I’m not going to be a happy camper.


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29 responses to “At least she’s consistent.

  1. DawgFan

    If AJ Green’s suspension is the reason why we lost games in his absence then why didn’t we beat teams we should have like Colorado or UCF ? Blaming AJ for a putrid season is ridiculous.

    Fact is, Adelson was right ab UGA last year. Georgia sucked last season, with and without AJ Green. UGA has sucked for several years now. Expecting a dramatically different result with Mark Richt this year after several years circling the toilet is laughable. Recent history is on her side, not yours. Georgia has more to prove than Boise & i suspect Adelson will be right once again.

    • I can see your point, DawgFan, but I really hope you (and Adelson) are horribly wrong.

    • I’d complain about you not reading my post carefully, but I suspect I’d be wasting both our times, right?

    • Phocion

      Think about the ‘defense’ of Georgia’s miserable 2010 campaign as often recited…UGa would have been a really good team if only one single solitary player that maybe touches the ball 10 times a game had played 4 more games.

      Really? One wide receiver would have won all four of those games? Marcell Dareus was also suspend last season for two games…Alabama somehow managed to win those. One of those teams actually is good, the, not so much…one player be damned.

      If Georgia wants to be relevant in the SEC and BCS in the future they had better stop pinning their hopes on one player and start looking at the entire roster…and those who assembled that roster. Until that happens, whining about Adelson getting lucky in her prediction because of the suspension is as lame as Alabama fans whining about losing to Auburn because of the Ingram fumble. As far as history is concerned, Adelson was right and Auburn won. Pay your bookie and Move.On

    • Pumpdawg

      Recent history is on her side,”not yours”.Why do you call yourself Dawgfan if you’re not.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        I fail to see why you would believe DawgFan not to be a Dawg fan. He made zero claims to hating UGA, CMR or the program. He stated what anyone who watched the 2010 Dawgs play last season knows. They were not very good. Stating the obvious does not make him any less of a fan than you or I. Some would argue that it makes him a better fan than most. DawgFan has taken off the blinders and sees this program for what it currently is. Just not very good. On the other hand, he really may be a Gaytor fan just attempting to stir things up.

        • I don’t have a problem with any fan of the program expressing pessimism. I’ve certainly done my fair share of that in the past two or three seasons. Just like DawgFan, I can admit there’s a possibility that Georgia could go 6-6 again this regular season.

          The difference between us is that I wouldn’t get any satisfaction in that happening.

          • Skeptic Dawg

            He did not say that he “hopes the Dawgs will be 6-6 and that CMR gets canned”. That very well may be atop his hopes and dreams. However, PumpDawg made reference to DawgFan not be a Dawg Fan due to his post. Simply acknowledging the decline of the program makes you no less of a fan. Too many people confuse dissatification with disloyality. With that being said Senator, my post was aimed at PumpDawg. You often voice your concern with the program and I applaud you for doing so. Thanks for the great work.

            • Pumpdawg

              I referred to him saying “Recent history is on her side, not yours.” I was trying to say that if he were a dawg fan the statement should have said “not ours”. We gotta stick together.

  2. JaxDawg

    I find it interesting that she mentions that we’ll be weaker without Ealey, but fails to scratch the surface just a tad and notice that most Defenses surge ahead in year 2 of the 3/4, and she ignores the fact that Murray is predicted to be the best QB in the conference. And while USc is the safest pick to win the East, I’d like to hear her opinion on Florida (I’m sure she’s very objective).

    • MT

      USCe is the safe pick as long as Garcia doesn’t stumble into a bar

      • HackerDog

        Because he might have to let somebody else call the coin toss, right? SOS has certainly proven that he won’t take playing time away until another QB develops.

  3. Castleberry

    It hurts to think she could be right again. Has there ever been a season with so much riding on the first two games? If we do lose both games, what are the chances she is wrong on Richt?

  4. Charles

    Senator, let it go. Bad journalism is not a harbinger of things to come.

  5. Reptillicide

    The question is – was Adelson’s Georgia prediction (which we all know was pure luck) the reason she landed an ESPN gig, or is mediocre journalism just that appealing to the WWL?

    • Anonymous ESPN Executive

      No. Andrea landed the ESPN gig, as you call it, because she has a mouth like ten fingers and ten fingers like a mouth.

  6. BULLETIN BOARD please fwd to uga coaches-our players need to read this everyday

  7. Cojones

    All of this is fodder for our cannons. Liked ducksfan06’s comments. Looks like Oregon is ready to cheer alongside UGA.


  8. Mike

    Was UGA *really* better than the 64th team in the nation last year? Maybe, but it was close.

  9. sUGArdaddy

    If one can’t understand the impact of the AJ Green situation on the 2010 Georgia Bulldogs then you simply don’t know much about college football.

    I’m sorry. I’ve just turned over a new leaf on posting on the blogosphere. I’m tired of negative Dawg fans. And I’m tired of dumb college football fans. None of us have this crazy sport all figured out, but I’m amazed how many many people are so poorly informed or have such bad perspective, even on such an educated site GTP.

    Keep it up, good Senator.

  10. Otto

    AJ was in for UCF and Colorado 2 programs especially in their current state that UGA not drop a game to. A good coaching staff does not blow a game to a Colorado program that fires their coach because of 1 player. I can understand 1 player making that big of an impact against another top team but not Colorado. UGA was UCF’s 1st ever bowl win and they kept UGA from scoring 7 points.

    UGA has given CMR more chances than most of the SEC teams that compete for SEC championships in Football would give. Despite the negative tone of statements above I hope CMR turn it around. The upside is changes in the defensive and S&C staffs have been made, and knock on wood arrests are down. However, it is naive not to understand that UGA is entering the Boise game as the underdog despite the changes. You can stick your head in the sand and ignore the slide or you can demand better out of a proud program. ’11 should show major change on the field. Lets all hope CMR has made the correct changes.

    • You guys are reading way too much into my post.

      Let me make it easier: do you think Georgia would have won only six games last year if AJ hadn’t been suspended? If you think the Dawgs would have won even a single game more, then you’ve made my point.

      I’m not saying he would have changed the entire season around. But I think Georgia would have been better than a six-win team.

      • Phocion

        Of the last 5 or 10 MNChamps, how many have included CFB’s best wide reciever on the roster?

        Wide receivers shouldn’t make that much difference to a team or a game plan. That this one may have was a fault of the coaching staff and their structuring of the offensive game plans and possibly their recruiting approach.

        Personally I think some of the defense of Georgia, or at least letting them off lightly, regarding the 2010 season&AJ Green happens because this was a suspension rather than a football injury. If Green runs a go route during the first series of ’10 and pulls a hammy, thus sidelining him for the same games as the suspension, I bet the retrospective is much changed.

        • Wide receivers shouldn’t make that much difference to a team or a game plan. That this one may have was a fault of the coaching staff and their structuring of the offensive game plans…

          I agree with you to a large extent. I don’t think you’re being totally fair to the coaches on this, though, in that they didn’t know about this until almost the last minute and then had another week of uncertainty waiting for the NCAA to rule.

          In any event, it doesn’t change my point that Adelson’s prediction wouldn’t have panned out had AJ not been suspended.

          • Anonymous ESPN Executive

            Didn’t she also pick UCF to beat UGA in the bowl? As I recall AJ played in that game.

  11. Cojones

    Agreed that we would have won at least two more games, but before you compare AJ’s play in the Colorado game you should note that the guy who covered him went high in the draft(I think). AJ gave him credit also for a great game and holding him to 44yds receiving.