Love is all around.

And you thought you disliked Mark May.


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5 responses to “Love is all around.

  1. BigW

    9/3/11 will surely be interesting if he dares to make a prediction. I would bet he’ll avoid it or just downplay the victor’s success over a “weak” opponent, while secretly praying for a certain outcome.


  2. 81 Dog

    I predict he wont be able to resist picking Boise over UGA. He’ll basically harp on his “Hawaii will win” approach: UGA has never seen this kind of offensive execution, Boise really has a chip on its shoulder, UGA is crumbling, blah blah blah. He’ll then backhand Boise by pointing out that, while they should win, it’s over a vastly overrated UGA team, not a really GOOD team, so it doesnt really mean anything if they win.

    Should UGA then pull the Mayday upset (again), May will count on 1. Nobody will really remember his prediction, and 2. He can always point out that Boise is vastly overrated, as proved by their loss to a mediocre UGA team that probably will struggle to finish above .500. UGA gets no credit either way, and neither would Boise, but he hates us a lot more than he hates them.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Mark May is buffing his nails at the attention.

    . . . . as long as they spell your name right.


  4. Dboy

    Good times