NFL work stoppage?  ESPN yawns at your stinking work stoppage, man.

“Clearly, we’re hoping that the league and its Players Association resolve this and we get a season,” Iger said, shortly before Disney disclosed its second-quarter earnings. “If we don’t get a season, the impact on ESPN will not be significant.”

Iger went on to note that ESPN holds the rights to air nearly 300 NCAA football games, which would serve as contextually appropriate replacement programming in the event of the NFL season being scuttled.

Hell, they’re planning on jacking up rates on college football programming if the NFL shuts down.  And while they’re at it,

“They’ll probably expand their format so that they’ll add more inventory in order to take advantage of that. So the significant increases we’ll see not just in college football but in other ESPN programming will offset, at least somewhat, the impact of a [lockout].”

Source: Getty Images

No wonder Mickey is all grins.


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14 responses to “300

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    So we’ll get Bowling Green vs. Morehead State instead of the Bengals vs. the Titans at 11 pm. Big whoop.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Perhaps they’ll bump up some programming from “the Ocho” to the mother ship.


  3. GreenDawg

    Any chance a significant portion of the games get moved to Sunday? Is that even possible?


    • Gern Blanski

      I think the Pac-12 commissioner has been on the record as being open to it. I don’t think that the SEC would make the change, but you never know.


  4. Cooter

    Note, they’re not games or sporting events, they’re “inventory”.

    Just like journalists used to write articles, now it’s “content”.


  5. HVL Dawg

    What day does the NFL usually play their games?

    Let’s see, I know it is not Saturday cause that is football day. I know it is not Thursday night because that’s when SCAR plays.


  6. Newt

    From Darren Rovell via Twitter:

    “Disney CEO Bob Iger told CNBC that if the NFL is locked out, college football games will probably have more ads.”

    Great. Because we need more/longer atmosphere killing tv timeouts.


    • Hobnail_Boot

      ..and you know that once that format is in place, they won’t go back to fewer ads once the NFL solves its lovers’ quarrel.


  7. Alcohalic Genius

    Mickey should pick up some High School ball too, fool. Chinese High School.


  8. JasonC

    I really don’t understand this whole NFL mess. I mean, they have a playoff. Shouldn’t that have fixed everything?


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe we’ll get many more games. What we’ll end up getting is more b.s. babbling from the likes of Holtz, May, Herbstreit, etc. The wwl tends to fill most of the time with endless blather, not real content.


  10. Scott W.

    They hold the right to 300 games but broadcast 296 of them with production that was the talk of the town during the Clinton Administration.