I’ve been up and down and over and out.

Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.


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  1. Mike

    I prefer to indulge in schadenfreude in situations where my team actually won. Like this;

    • TennesseeDawg

      Your punter kicked a FG to beat a 6-7 team. Woohoo!

      • Mike

        Indeed. But as I said, that win is a *bit* more satisfying than watching a rival team lose a meaningless bowl game.

        I guess by comparison, I should post the highlights of the UGA/UCF game.

        • Hmm… I must have missed the moment in the Liberty Bowl when a Georgia player taunted UCF, only to blow the game later.

          I think you’re letting your O&B colored imagination run away with the analogy here.

          • Samford Hall

            No, they waited until AFTER they blew the game to taunt UCF.

            What a way to end a UGA career.

            • Well, golly gee whiz, that’s exactly the same! Other than that it didn’t happen on the field, after Georgia took the lead, only to see the same player blow the game with turnovers and then cry on the bench afterwards, that is.

              Thanks for clearing that up for me.

          • Mike

            I was referring to taking pleasure in a rival losing a bowl game. If I am to take pleasure in UGA misery, I find it all the more sweet when Florida is the author of that misery.

            “Choke on some of DAT, Grantham!”

            • Except I wasn’t posting about a rival losing a bowl game. I was posting about Tyler Bray making an ass out of himself.

              • Mike


                I guess the fact that he plays for a hated rival was just…well….circumstantial.

                • In this case, yeah. It would have been just as mock worthy if Bray played for, say, Washington. You disagree?

                  • Mike

                    Yea, that is true. But I could not help but notice few, if any examples of anything other than a rival have been posted here.

                    Nothing wrong with that, mind you, just an observation. I also did not mean to hijack your thread. I apparently interpreted your motivation differently, perhaps incorrectly.

                    One of my favorite examples of schadenfreude also involved Tennessee. In 2006, Eric Ainge passed for what he thought was the winning TD against Florida, putting the Vols up 20-14 mid-way through the 4th quarter. After the TD, he mock chomped the visitor section Gator crowd.

                    Florida went on to drive down the field and score a TD, going up 21-20. Tennessee got the ball back and drove to the 50. But then Florida sacked Ainge in the next to last play and got him flagged for intentional grounding. Pictures of him hanging his head after the game give me great comfort.

    • Krautdawg

      Ah, Florida fans. The Michigan fans of the South, but without the capacity for creating ironic photoshopped images. Enjoy them now, for should their team ever lose to yours, they will disappear for an entire year.

      • Turd Ferguson

        I’m sure many are already stocking up on FSU gear, just in case the Muschamp/Weis experiment turns out to be a heaping pile of suck. “What? Me? No, I’ve always been a ‘Nole fan.”

        • Krautdawg

          It’s funny cause they’re insecure.

        • Mike

          By extention then, I guess this means you turned into a Ga Tech fan this year?

          • aristoggle

            Nope … been too busy calling my Cooperative Extention Agent to get to that. His extention, however, has been busy.

            And, the extension of your logic does not follow.

            • Mike

              Hmmm…..a Bulldog fan snarks that if UF falters next year, a Florida fan might consider rooting for FSU. Using the same logic, I posit that since UGA faltered this year, that same Bulldog fan might consider rooting for GaTech.

              Aristotelian logic escapes aristoggle.

    • simpl_matter

      I prefer to just show them Freud

    • fuelk2

      Mike – I only remember a few posts from you (most of which contributed well to the conversation), but I don’t recall this sort of low brow trolling. Jorts a little too tight today?

      • Mike

        No, nothing wrong with my jorts. They are as rag tagged and resplendent as ever. I am going to a wedding this weekend and my wife is insistant that I get my mullet trimmed. That might be making me a bit grumpy.

  2. Reptillicide

    Bray is so gangsta with that arm-crossing thing. Straight up thuggin, bruh.

  3. Stoopnagle

    Matches his tat.

    I must say, it’s nice to see Tennessee sucking.

    • Ben

      Yeah, it’s too bad that we’ve split the series with them the past four years, since they’ve been sucking so bad. (yeah, yeah, I know, small sample size) And their wins over the Dawgs were straight up pistol-whippings, too.