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Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

How many times is the OBC gonna keep repeating this?


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“I don’t know if it will hurt them.”

Coach Richt isn’t sure that Georgia will be much better off than Boise State with regard to the number of preseason practices his team gets in.

“Probably minimal,” Georgia coach Mark Richt said Wednesday night in Greenville, S.C.  “It may keep them from getting somebody, hurt, you know? You get 29 practice opportunities. Historically, we have not gotten 29 every year. Some years we do and some years we don’t. It’s just based on the weather sometimes, it’s based on the injury report, based on if you think the team is just dog tired.”

Richt says this preseason the way the calendar falls with the summer exam schedules and the NCAA mandated acclimation period, Georgia may be a couple of practices short of 29 itself.

Well, at least the Broncos won’t have an advantage.  Or, shades of Vince Dooley, is that a whiff of smoke being blown up my derriere I smell?



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All’s fair in love and negative recruiting.

I’m sure this post at SPORTSbyBROOKS will get attention for the nonsense about Trooper Taylor’s non-existent job offer from the Dallas Cowboys, but there’s another part I enjoyed more.

… At the time of Pike’s verbal commitment, which was an enormous recruiting coup for Auburn, Pike was asked if he had been concerned about Auburn assistant coaches abandoning the team thanks to the possibility that the school’s football program could be hit with NCAA sanctions.

Pike’s response:

“Whatever, let people say what they’re going to say. That’s a Mississippi State problem, that’s not an Auburn problem.”

“That’s a Mississippi State problem…”  Gee, I wonder who planted that in his head.

It just goes to show that the best defense is still a good offense.


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