Dead to me.

Thanks for the memories, Will.

What are the odds that if the Dawgs pull off the upset this year, Gator fans just chalk it up to Florida being coached by a Georgia man (who never beat Florida, by the way)?


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  1. ScoutDawg

    All part of Evil Richt’s plan.

    • Macallanlover

      This predates Evil Richt. Ever since I read “The Lion’s Game” I have been alert for the use of sleepers. Vince had to program Boom MFer for this role while AD to reverse the trend in the Florida series and insure we maintain our edge. How else you can explain the immature cursing and rants on the sidelines while at The aU or Texas? That had to be irresistably alluring to the Florida crowd to have him speak/act like a Soprano or Jersey Shore character on national TV. Even getting him placed on Vince’s mountain neighbor’s staff in Baton Rouge before that just to expose him on how to act Yankee and get loved for it. Now that is solid, long-range planning. UGA will have a double digit lead again before the Gators ever figure it out.

  2. TennesseeDawg

    He’s got to placate the Jort Nation but if he loses to the Dawgs then foil hats will be selling at a premium in Gainesville.

  3. crap sandwich

    Well since the favorite song of the gator fan’s chomp comes from a movie about a man eating shark, I can certainly understand the intelligence of who this was meant for.

  4. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    We have to always follow the money. As Mr. Krabbs says, “The money is always right!”

    Muschamp’s not getting paid to say nice things about UGA. If Georgia hires Dan Mullins, I don’t expect him to hear much of him reflecting fondly on his time in Gainesville.

    • JaxDawg

      I believe Mullen would do wonders if he were coaching the Dawgs.

      • Griff

        Based on 1 decent year at MSU? We’ll see how good Mullen is this year without Diaz and with the programs higher expectations.
        By the way, I’m not saying he’s a bad coach, just saying I don’t think he’s any better than what we currently have.

        • JaxDawg

          Well, 2010 saw Mullen as HC and OC and Diaz as the DC. It saw Richt as HC, Bobo as OC, and Mr. NFL Grantham as DC. It also saw 5 NFL draft picks from GA head to the NFL (which tied for the conf lead, how many from MSU?) and saw the goddamn MSU bulldogs beat the real Bulldogs with inferior (understated) talent.

          So yes, I believe that based on 2010 results, that Mullen did as good or better coaching job with that glorified high school team of his than any job Richt has done as our HC.

          Fire away.

          • Griff

            So you agree you are basing your assessment of Mullen on ONE year? That’s just brilliant! Maybe we should have gone after Paul Johnson after all! I’m confused by your animosity but if you are looking to win an argument I’ll just go ahead and say “you win”. Calm down dude.

  5. Wonderful Ohio on the Gulf 'Dog

    I recall the Gator radio network hiring a Georgia guy to do football play-by-play several years ago. I don’t recall how that worked out for him and them, but I do remember a great deal of hue and cry from the Gators that no UF J-School grad could do the job.

    Muschamp’s hire was attended by much less rancor, but I hope he rots in Hell!

  6. Mike

    Senator writes;

    “What are the odds that if the Dawgs pull off the upset this year, Gator fans just chalk it up to Florida being coached by a Georgia man (who never beat Florida, by the way)? ”

    There are so many “Georgia (men) who never beat Florida”, getting an accurate count would be tough.

    Snark aside, if Georgia does beat Florida this year, I am not sure it will be an upset? We obviously have to wait and see how Florida plays under brand new coaches and how or if Richt manages to right his ship after a losing season. But first year coaches are usually not wildly successful, especially ones where brand new offensive systems are being installed. I look for a 8-5 kind of season. The WLOCP might well be one of those losses.