SAT question

If you like analogies, here’s one for you:  a Georgia player getting a four-game suspension for selling a jersey for $1,000 to an agent’s runner is like _____________ for several Ohio State players selling/trading dozens of items of Ohio State paraphernalia worth many thousands of dollars to an individual under federal investigation for drug trafficking.

The more I see this stuff, the more offended I am by Ohio State having played in the Sugar Bowl.  And the more I wonder what the NCAA intends to do with Tressel and his employer.



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  1. TennesseeDawg

    “What is a bowl game suspension, Alex?”
    “I’ll take Bruce Pearl BBQs for $800”


  2. Krautdawg

    [An evening in the Emmert office. Emmert is speaking to his secretary on the phone.]

    “No, Janice, tell Sarkasian I can’t have our guys yell ‘Go Huskies’ at Kiffin’s appeal. No, I don’t care if he says Jake Locker will cr… what was that? A drug trafficker? With Ohio State players? Thousands of dollars of memorab–and they sold it to him? Over years? Free tattoos?!? Well that’s certainly not the image I was hoping we could proj…oh, Jimmy lied to us about it? Why that sneaky little…ok, well, Janice, set up a meeting with the improper benefits guys after I get back from safar–”

    [A G-man-looking character in a dark suit, white shirt, slim tie, dark glasses, and slicked-back hair bursts through the door to Emmert’s office, sweating and panting, waiving his hands in the air.]

    G-man: “Mr. Emmert! We have a potential agent issue at a Confeder–er–Sun Belt institution!!!”

    Emmert: “AGENT ISSUE?!?!?” [Pushes giant red button on desk. Alarms sound; red lights begin circle. Emmert’s office floor opens, revealing a camouflaged Chinook helicopter.] “Agency infractions division, to the Enforcement Copter!”

    [50 G-men appear out of nowhere near the copter and walk to a wall, which has the logos of 12 SEC teams on a wheel. One agent spins the wheel; it stops on Alabama.]

    Emmert: “Good enough for me. What are you men waiting for?”


  3. Normaltown Mike

    Double Secret Probation?


  4. Watchman

    What the NCAA “intends” to do is sweep the whole thing under a rug, look the other way and pretend like they’ve already dealt with it. (See also Newton, Cam.) Whether public opinion will allow them to is the only real question.


  5. simpl_matter

    is like…..the Taliban chopping off a person’s right hand for stealing a shish-kabob while allowing husbands to relentlessly beat their wives into submission for any reason whatsoever.


  6. smith is here

    I think we are too soft- sitting out folks voluntarily for example.

    In todays new world order the best approach seems to be the AUBURN & OSU model where you deny, deny, deny {“all in”} until the problem is so big that the NCAA is scared to take it on .


  7. 69Dawg

    It’s still even money that the NCAA accepts the OSU self-imposed penalties and goes away. Auburn will only be burned if the DOJ really does a money laundering investigation of Bobby and the boys. If the there was a pay for play thing run through the bank then the IRS will become involved and the players will be involved in tax fraud cases. It could become a three ring circus for quit a while.


  8. PT

    Why does the label on photo 14 & 15 say, “2008 ______ Football National Championship Ring?” Please remind me who won it all in 2008. Because it wasn’t Ohio State. Anyone….?


    • Sanford222View

      Nice catch! Either OSU gave out rings for just making it to that game or somebody got some explaining to do down south of here.


    • Normaltown Mike

      “Division III-Stag Bowl”?????

      Has a Mount Union Purple Raider gotten entangled in “Tat Gate”?


      • Mohammar

        Don’t know. But the second one from the right looks like she could be a dancing girl. The other three fillies look like minature Clydesdales. Too much cheese maybe?


        • Normaltown Mike

          I think you’re right. I could hear some dorky DJ saying “Over on stage one we’ve go Ammmmber…”

          The commentary, though, had me thinking of this.


  9. Cojones

    Senator, are you only now becoming greatly offended by OSU playing in the Sugar Bowl? Or that their games haven’t been forfeited already because Tressel played ineligible players? How long does the offensive egomaniacal facts about him and his players have to be foisted on our sensibilities before everyone gets it? How long does it take for the NCAA to investigate a statement of admission (in Dec and before a bowl game) and to act swiftly on that part of this scandal affrontery? You can get the rest of your punishment facts (for school liability, a death sentence, etc.) later, but since they admitted it, why couldn’t the NCAA act then to stop their play in the Sugar Bowl? You say because the facts weren’t all in yet? Neither were they with AJ, but that didn’t stop them from warning us that if he played, games would be forfeited. What the hell is going on? Why can’t people see the inequity distinctively then and now? There should be more punishment to the players than has been proposed because they entered into a plot to keep their mouths shut on top of the earlier offenses that were in the category of AJ’s. The games should be forfeited because the players were admittedly ineligible to play. Holding them back from playing the first five games only comes up to equating their punishment to AJs for the same uniform-selling offense, but what about the additional conspiracy between players and coach? They should be individually punished for that offense as well. Tressel should be gone right now for his own confessions to complicity, much less for informing everyone else except Compliance, the AD and the President of the University.

    The NCAA should go ahead and void the games and the Sugar Bowl then let OSU wait on pins and needles as to their football program fate. Putting these punishments all together makes those obvious penalties appear harsh when taken with all the insults and punishment for broken rules that should follow. Now they can play into this next season while their appeal is reviewed as was the case with USC. As of now, OSU and Tressel can continue to taunt member Universities and the NCAA well into next year. They can recruit next year’s class with impunity. Pity the players who would commit and the NCAA decides later to give their football program the Death Pill. Pity the alums who don’t have any power to remove this cancer, but will let it continue on to possibly destroy their school. Looks like 2012 will be the “End of Days” for all of them.