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Oversigning mash up

I’m not sure which part I like best, Saban putting scare quotes around the word “oversigning” or the fan yelling “Saban” during Richt’s Q & A.

In any event, kudos to SPORTSbyBROOKS for the entertaining result.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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If you’re a functional JUCO offensive lineman looking for a challenge, you might consider sending a tape of yourself to Mark Richt about now.


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The fate of nations

Boise State just showed up and already the Mountain West commissioner declares the Broncos’ opener against Georgia to be the biggest of deals for his conference.

Matt Hinton remains unconvinced.

Me, I’d be happy to see Boise State arrive at the Georgia Dome feeling as tight about the consequences of the game as the hot seat Dawgs will likely be.


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“Everybody just needs to chill.”

There are many reasons I don’t indulge in unofficial speculation about whether a particular player is academically qualified, but I think I’ve discovered another one – if Big John Jenkins told me to mind my own business, I believe I would.


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Euphemism of the day

Man, this is cold.

Arkansas has granted scholarship releases to two more players from its football program in offensive lineman Cam Feldt and linebacker Austin Moss, Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino said Thursday through a team spokesperson.

The players are the fourth and fifth to be released this week as coaches perform annual scholarship evaluations. Wide receiver Lance Ray, kicker Eddie Camara and tight end Ryan Calender have also been granted releases from the program.

“Granted scholarship releases”.  That’s nice; it almost sounds like they’re being given something.

Do you think Petrino delivered the news to the five kids through a team spokesperson?  Maybe he just left them a note in their lockers.


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“We’re fighting with knives and swords, and they have Uzis.”

Read this, and tell me if you think the NCAA is up to the challenge.

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Still, it’s a nice thought.

Tony Barnhart doesn’t see the SEC making any moves on the oversigning front at the meetings scheduled for the end of this month (unless you count assigning the topic to a working group for further study as such, I don’t either), but he does make a good suggestion on a starting point, if the conference powers-that-be were so inclined.

… What coaches cannot do and must not be allowed to do is mislead or outright lie to players and their families. A player must be told up front if there is even a possibility that a scholarship might not be there for him and that he might have to grayshirt. In fact, I would not be opposed to a signed document to that effect. Then the player and his parents have to make a decision whether or not to move on to a school that can guarantee a scholarship or stay with their No. 1 school and roll the dice.

I think that gets back to the distinction which Mark Richt made the other day with his now infamous (to the point of being mocked) “winning at all costs” comments:

… Then the coach explained the practice that he doesn’t like, the distinction between over-signing and grayshirting:

“If you bring them in in the summer, and you work them and you let your strength staff work with them, and you kind of decide which ones you like the best, and you tell five of them, ‘Hey we know we signed you, and we expected you to be able to come in, we don’t have space for you, we’re really sorry about that but we don’t have space for you – you’re gonna have to leave and come back in January.’

“I think that’s an awful thing to do, I think that’s the wrong thing to do. And it’s nothing that we’ve done since I’ve been at Georgia.”

This was met by a loud round of applause.

“Not that we haven’t grayshirted, or talked to guys about grayshirting,” Richt added. “If you tell five of those guys ‘Hey we’ve got 20 spaces. I can sign 25. There’s a good chance that by school starts there’ll be room for you, because of the attrition that happens every year everywhere you go. If there’s space for you, you come in with your class. If there’s not space for you, are you willing to come in in January? …

“If you tell them on the front end and they know that, everyone understands that, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. And that’s how we go about it if we’re going to talk to a guy about grayshirting.”

I don’t think a grayshirt-before-January requirement would be a particularly difficult rule to enforce.  Pick a drop dead date, put the grayshirt offer in writing before then and require it to be posted with the league office.  Once the date passes, a school can’t make a grayshirt offer to any recruit in the present class.  That strikes me as being fair, honest and ethical.  It’s also for the benefit of the recruit.  Which means it has the proverbial snowball’s chance in hell of being approved.


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If you’re somebody like, say, Jim Delany who’s looking for a rebuttal to the economic fairness argument being lobbed in the direction of the BCS, it’s hard to do better than to glom on to this story.

WWL-TV reports the SEC school’s fans purchased 37,000 tickets to LSU’s opening game against Oregon in Cowboys Stadium in Dallas on Sept. 3.

The 37,000 tickets distributed for the game to Tiger fans through the LSU ticket office is the most ever for a regular season away game for the school, surpassing the 31,000 sold for the Tulane game in New Orleans in 2007 and 25,000 for the 2010 season opener against North Carolina in the Chick-fil-A Classic in Atlanta. As a result of the 37,000 tickets being sold to season ticket holders, tickets for the Cowboys Classic game against Oregon will not go on sale to the general public through LSU, Broussard said. Broussard added that ticket requests from LSU season ticket holders for the Oregon game had already surpassed the school’s allotted amount of 37,000.

Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas is 460 miles away from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It will take Tigers fans 7 hours and 34 minutes to make the road trip to see the LSU vs. Oregon game.

As Ben Maller points out, that road trip total would make a decent showing for a bunch of the usual suspects’ home attendance numbers.

… Keep in mind during the 2010 college football season these teams finished in the bottom ten in attendance. They would need several home games to sell 37,000 tickets.

  • Ball State 8,947
  • Akron 10,185
  • Idaho 12,730
  • Buffalo 12,981
  • Bowling Green 13,306
  • Florida Atlantic 14,025
  • Western Michigan 14,225
  • San Jose State 14,474
  • Western Kentucky 14,577
  • Miami (Ohio) 15,519

And these schools deserve to share in more of D-1’s football bounty because why, exactly?


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