If you’re a functional JUCO offensive lineman looking for a challenge, you might consider sending a tape of yourself to Mark Richt about now.


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  1. WarD Eagle

    Good grief, you guys are snakebitten on the OL.


    • zdub

      I’ve been saying for years they need to get those damn snakes off the plane…I mean practice field! But does anyone listen to me, NOOOO. (Well, maybe just Samuel L. Jackson.)


  2. Tenn_Dawg

    It is unbelievable that going into season 11 Richt still has OL issues. Injuries, poor recruiting evaluations, academic casualties, multiple position changes, lack of OL recruits…rinse and repeat. I am sickened to see so many in-state quality lineman go to Bama, UT, Auburn and USC every year when we have had these OL issues. This is the issue that sticks in my crawl regarding Richt above all others. It appears this new OL coach is going to have his hands full.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    He just as easily might have been permanently injured and out of football–same result. The team ends up being short handed at a critical roster spot. This is what happens when over time you do not sign enough players. You end up with a problem at one position because of attrition or unexpected developments and cannot field a complete team. Not endorsing the practice but THIS is what does not happen when a team oversigns–no shortage of O-linemen at Bama. BTW, everybody is thinking that Auburn is gonna be crap this year because of players graduating or leaving early for the NFL. I have it on good authority that due to the signing practices of the Barners the last couple of years their returning players are as good or better than the departees–except for Cam Newton. If they come up with a QB, watch out.


    • Tenn_Dawg

      We are in deep trouble if there are injuries on the OL during the season. I pray that Zombie Killer Debell and the other OL recruits are ready play come August b/c Georgia is going to need them to be ready.

      I hope your Auburn sources are wrong but it would not surprise me a bit if they are stronger than anticipated. That Trooper sure can do some cruit’n!


  4. Derek

    How big does keeping Cordy Glenn from making the jump look now? We have to hope that Long and Benedict get game ready and that the starting five stay relatively healthy. The freshman are going to get a whole lot of practice reps and if one, like Dantzler, can step up we’ll be ok, barring significant injury to one of the starters. Harmon never played a significant snap and if you can’t count on him in the classroom or study hall you probably aren’t going to be able to count on him on game day. The real test for CMR is going to be whether he commits to pushing these guys in camp or if he lets off the accelerator to avoid injury. The other challenge is keeping the starters motivated when there really won’t be much competition for those 5 spots. Finally, how do you think CMR will feel about Ben (or anyone else really) lining up across from Big John in practice? I guess that’s why they pay him the big bucks: to make, live with and accept the consequences of choosing between equally bad outcomes.


  5. 69Dawg

    It seems that every year for the last 100 we have had issues at OL. If it wasn’t recruiting none, it was shoulder issues. What in the name of Wally Butts keeps us from getting at least 2 deep in the OL?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      CMR and staff only have 25 to give per year and they use ’em up on skill positions mostly. Saban (and others) sign more players then cull those that don’t measure up or that they don’t need–but they are never short at any particular position because of doing that.