Look at me.

According to Jim Tressel’s lawyer, the NCAA Committee on Infractions won’t care as much about what Tressel did as it will about his body language.  Seriously.

“The exchanges that matter most when it comes to coaches who are the subject of a serious inquiry like this are the ones that come directly between the committee and the coach, not the exchanges from the committee to the coach’s lawyer,” Marsh said. “In fact, they will get tired pretty quick of hearing too much from the lawyer, and they will tell you. They might even say to the lawyer, ‘Shut up and stand down.'”

Marsh said the real value in such hearings is when committee members look into a coach’s eyes when he answers questions that cut to the heart…

Gee.  And I thought it was all about claiming you didn’t know what had happened.


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8 responses to “Look at me.

  1. Faulkner

    If he gets off easy I will be pissed.
    If he does get off easy, what does that do to future investigations?
    I’m not a lawyer, but couldn’t future coaches who lie and cheat point to this case and say I deserve the same easy punishment because that’s how you ruled in the Tressel case?


  2. Normaltown Mike

    Everybody gets pinched.

    But Tressell already knows the two greatest things in life: Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut…


  3. 81 Dog

    if the NCAA committee thinks they can watch Tressel and “peer into his soul” to divine the truth, they’re idiots.

    Dr. Paul Ekman, the expert on studying microexpressions (and the guy on whom the show Lie To Me was based) has done studies on the ability of people to spot liars. About 1 percent of the population are naturals, he says, but almost everyone thinks they can do it. For the vast majority of people, their ability to do so is about the same as flipping a coin and having it come up heads.

    It’s pretty clear what Tressel did. If the NCAA lets him skate, what are the Jackie Sherills of the world going to make of THAT?


  4. Cousin Eddie

    Tressel better practice up his puppy dog eyes


  5. 69Dawg

    The Tressel case will make or break the NCAA enforcement ability. If given the facts in the record the NCAA lets him get by with the recommended penalties then they have opened the door to a college don’t ask don’t tell that would make the Army blush.


  6. Ausdawg85

    Gordon Gee and the “I didn’t know” defense subliminal reference, Senator?


  7. Boz

    Pretty sure that’s the approach OJ’s jury took when he was acquitted.


  8. Dave

    Isn’t this the same guy who spear-headed Alabama’s brush with the death penalty ten year ago? And didn’t USC hire him?

    That’s some track record.