Where have you gone, Woody Widenhofer?

If you measure a coach’s longevity by the number of his peers who’ve passed through during his tenure, Mark Richt has had a damned long career.


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  1. Dog in Fla

    Last we heard, Woody was somewhere down here hiding out. Having apparently grown bored of being stuck in a tollbooth on the turnpike, suburban legend or not, “[h]e is currently attempting to secure the Head Coach position for the Crestview High School Bulldogs, in North-West Florida.”


    For whatever reason, Woody did not take or was not offered that job. It would have been a tough one given the way they describe football at Crestview High



  2. Normaltown Mike

    Great list.

    It should be required reading for any hamster brain that thinks winning a Natty is as easy as firing CMR and hiring the flavor of the month.

    Do you want to go through Mike Dubose, Dennis Franchione, Mike Shula & Mike Price to get to Saban?


  3. Matthew

    Looking at the comments to that ESPN article, there is much more vitriole against Richt than from opposing fans than UGA fans. If he is so mediocre and sucks so bad, you’d think the enemies would want him to stay put. I for one hopes he can right the ship this year. The thought of him rasing the Crystal Football or even the SEC Championship trophy this year or again while he is at Georgia gives me chills. I’m really rooting for him even if it is not trendy.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I said this last year. The “hot seat” canard was started by UGA’s enemies because they want CMR to be gone from UGA. He is a threat to the teams that they want to win: Bama, Florida, LSU and lately USCe because of SOS (no, Auburn is not one of their favorites). The canard gang includes fans from the favored schools plus UGA rivals Auburn and UT. The main mouthpiece is institutional Bulldog hater (for reasons I do not know) ESPN. CMR has fallen into the trap by letting the program slip which puts him in the position where this canard can be used against him. It remains to be seen if he can right things and shut up the BS artists. I particularly would love it if all those radio buffoons and ESPN clowns got egg all over their collective faces publicly.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Any comment thread that includes 7 from Thomas Brown is a bona fide rant board.


  4. Keese

    Well you always have the mouthy Fran Tarkentons


  5. Mike

    Simon called and he wants his song back