Dialing for dollars

Mike Slive is getting religion, at least when it comes to Jim Delany’s proposal to up the scholarship money allocated to student-athletes.  And if that means breaking a few mid-major eggs to make the omelet, so be it:

… Slive acknowledged the SEC and other leagues have more resources than others to devote to this issue. But that shouldn’t shut down this conversation. If anything, some FBS schools should use their resources more wisely and abandon a football arms race they’ll never win.

“Often times when I think of the foundation and basis of a lot of NCAA legislation, a lot of it tries to ensure a level playing field,” Slive said. “It’s an unattainable concept, but that’s often the foundation. If you say the foundation ought to be student-athlete welfare, it’s a different place for which to start thinking about full cost of attendance. Using that as the starting point, I think it’s time for the national conversation to begin in a very serious way about the full cost of attendance.”

It’s too bad if Kent State can’t schedule enough games as a sacrificial lamb to keep up.


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6 responses to “Dialing for dollars

  1. heyberto

    The Kent State line made me realize something… aren’t these guys essentially ‘getting a piece of the pie’ via playing the cupcake role to big teams? They’re getting some big money that has to be a windfall to many of those programs, particularly if they schedule more than one..


    • Connor

      That’s exactly right, the giant payouts for getting murdered in Sanford and the Horseshoe are crucial pieces of the budget to these schools. It’s why I don’t think there is never going to be a real push from within the NCAA to expel the big conferences.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      It’s actually deeper than that. Loser schools have a role in CFB. They are part of the show that generates the dough. Not everybody can win regularly. It’s a zero sum game. Somebody has to lose for Bama, Auburn, Florida and Georgia to win. That is why there is a Vanderbilt. That is why there is a Kentucky. And don’t kid yourself, that is why there is a Mississippi State (who is going to come back to earth this year). Mid-major programs institutionalize this concept. They show up to a BCS school, get their collective asses beat and cash a check. This gives the Kentuckies of the world an easy win and a chance to get to 6 wins and a bowl. This gives the Bamas of the world a breather between having to play LSU and Auburn. This gives the mid-majors’ players the ability to say that they were on the same field with AJ Green and Mark Ingram, too. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Everybody gets what they really are after.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. The 12th regular season game is a real opportunity for a school like Kentucky. If UK were to schedule 4 OOC cupcake games they can get to 6 wins and a bowl by just winning 2 SEC games. Beat Vandy and say, Miss State, and they are there. Knock off someone they are not supposed to beat (USCe or Florida or UT) and they are in tall cotton. If they were to disperse the cupcakes appropriately throughout the season where they play a cupcake before tough but winnable SEC games, that would maximize their likelihood of getting an upset, too.


  2. ChicagoDawg

    Seems like a reasonable move that gives these kids some much needed money that other kids get from family or part-time jobs. The modern student-athlete can’t have a part-time job and many don’t come from families with means. Not sure how many SAs a UGA has at any given time, but assuming it is ~400 and you provided them w/ the $11k/yr amount (over 5yrs) referenced in the article then we are talking $4m annually. This is an amount easily covered by the mega conference schools.

    Having said that, this would NOT stop the arms race or the extra benefit shenanigans as schools/boosters will always try to differentiate to achieve legal and extra-legal advantage.


    • shane#1

      There is a young lady from Lee County High School that is going to UGA on scholarship that recently recieved an award from a local civic club of $1200. I don’t want anyone to misunderstand this post. The girl has a GPA of 4.27 and scored a 1650 on her SAT. She was also captain and MVP of her swim team and volunteers for so many local community services that I can’t list them. She plans to study Bio-Chem engr, whatever that is, so she can help her fellow man. She will be a credit to UGA and deserves everthing she has earned. That’s not my point. My point is the cash awards, of which she has many, that scholly athletes cannot have. No doubt a Ray Drew or an Aaron Murray would have won many such awards but the NCAA wants to keep it’s athletes poor.