Scheduling oral surgery the day before The Rapture may have been a gutsy move on my part, but it sure put a damper on blogging – it’s hard to type when you’re holding an ice pack to your face.  Still, the show must go on.

I wasn’t going to comment on Will Muschamp’s guarantee of a win against Georgia this year – really, what else would you have expected him to say in response to the question? – but since Ray Drew was stirred by it, his comment is certainly worth a mention.

Sounds like somebody’s gonna be a fun interview this season.


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16 responses to “Eloquence

  1. FWIW, you’d probably hate to meet YHWH with a bad grill, if it comes to that.

  2. PhillyDawg

    Love this kid more and more every day.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Reminds me of when Syvelle Newton said “Pollack won’t be a factor”. Of course, David repeated that quote to Newton after sacking him a couple times.

      • carefulBrad

        Or it could be like the Alabama coach that said we were wearing black because it was our f***ing funeral. Sometimes trash talk can be backed up, I hope that’s the case here.

        • zdub

          Why do folks dwell so much on that one game? We got beat by 11 at home by a better team, so be it. In ’06 UTk put up over 50 on us at home; why doesn’t anyone ever bring that game up? Was it just because we were ranked so highly in ’08 when Bama beat us?

          Do you remember when we beat them in the “Pat Dye Man Enough” game in Tuscaloosa in 2002? How about the next year when we beat them in Athens by 14 (more than they beat us by in the ’08 game)? Or the ’07 Stafford to Mikey winner in OT once again in Tuscaloosa?

          • carefulBrad

            I’m not dwelling on that game. I was using it as an example that sometimes people talk trash and back it up. It was the example that came to me first. Let me try again:
            Or it could be like the ’09 tech game where we came out saying “We run this state” and that’s exactly what we did. Sometimes trash talk can be backed up, I hope that’s the case here.

            Now to your point I think it is a number of factors. We dropped in the polls the week before despite winning, we built up the game because of the blackout factor, the 30-0 start, and the success of Alabama’s program since that game all probably contribute to the importance that has been placed on that game. To me that game is very similar to the WVU Sugar Bowl, come out flat and fight like hell in the second half. It’s kind of good to see that effort in the second half, I would have liked to see that intensity in the second half in Memphis.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            FWIW zdub I agree with you totally except for one thing. I think in ’08 UGA had the better team (defensive flaws included). They had played Arizona State in Phoenix the week before and just didn’t show up for the first half against Bama. They were not ready to play. I blame the bad scheduling on ol’ “Red Panties” (thank goodness he’s gone) but I blame CMR and the rest of the coaching staff for not having the Dawgs ready to play. That, BTW, has been a common problem under CMR. It seems that about once a year the Dawgs fail to show up for the start of a game usually against a lesser opponent. Remember the Sugar Bowl against West Virginny? Sometimes they are able to overcome it and still win the game, sometimes not. Coaching. Most of the losses last season can be attributed to being outcoached by the other team, too.

  3. ScoutDawg

    Can just imagine what kind of trash he talks on the field. Eloquent and polite as he grinds you into the backfield.

  4. Joe

    Man up dude. If Stephen Hawking can type with his johnson, then so can you.

    Of course, he doesn’t believe in the rapture, so it is a push ultimately.

  5. Cousin Eddie

    Finally a dawg with a set.

  6. zdub

    We have some great “bulletin board material” with some of Muschamp’s comments now. Let’s put them to good use.

    We don’t need to be giving them any motivation with quotes like this. Big Play Ray, let your play on the field do the talking.

  7. JaxDawg

    The most effective way to respond to Muschamp’s arrogance is to leave his team in a bloody and beaten mess on the field. Leave with them the thought come hell or high water, they’ll never want to play this set of Bulldogs again.

  8. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    My favorite Muschomp quote was, “I’m loyal to who signs my checks.”

  9. Cam Newton

    He stole that quote from me.

  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    ‘I beg to differ’?
    We need more manners like that. ‘Oh, pardon me Mr. Brantley, I didn’t mean to flatten your face mask.’

  11. Cojones

    zdub- What I remembered most about the game of 14 over Bama was two of their QBs standing side by side on the sideline in the second half. One had his right arm in a sling and the other had his left arm in a sling. Funny, at the start of the game they looked ok.