Mike Slive and the First Amendment

This part of Mike Slive’s schtick about the oversigning legislation he’s fashioned for Destin is getting a bit tiresome.

QUESTION: Will there be action?

ANSWER: There will be action because you know they will come forth as proposed legislation for the presidents, the ADs and the other groups to opine on. But I feel good about them, so I think the goal is to make sure that our prospective student-athletes are treated in a way that is as they should be treated, like students our treated. And I think this package does that.

QUESTION: Mark Richt and others at Georgia and Florida, among others, have said they dislike over-signing and won’t do it. Steve Spurrier has come out and said he needs to do it, and Nick Saban is on that side of the issue, too. Do you see where each of them is coming from?

ANSWER: Well we’ve had some discussions to get the proposed legislation in place. I can tell you that the first amendment in the Southeastern Conference is alive and well.

If Tony Barnhart is correct in his head count (which is the same as the one John Pennington came up with the other day), Slive is going to have to do a lot more than talk if he expects a change to be made.

… The presidents of the 12 SEC institutions will cast the final votes on this package. But if they defer to their head football coaches, I’ve got the vote at 7-5 against any kind of radical change to the status quo, where schools can sign as many as 28 players regardless of how many actual football scholarships they have available.

This is very unscientific but here is my best stab at it.

Status quo: The head coaches at Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, and Arkansas are all on record as believing the current system is appropriate and fair. Auburn and Mississippi State will go with their state rivals. South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier says he needs to over-sign because of the academics in his state.

Change: Florida and Georgia have publicly come out against over-signing. Kentucky, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt will agree.

Note that Barnhart is only making a count on oversigning.  Slive hints that his package goes farther than that, to what he calls “roster management”.  The bigger the package, the harder it would seem to keep the support of the five schools Barnhart lists in place.

Unless the conference presidents are ready to buck the advice of their football coaches.  That doesn’t seem particularly likely, but it might be worth keeping an eye on coaches’ comments leading up to the meetings.  As well as whether Slive keeps trying to impress us with his Constitutional scholarship.



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8 responses to “Mike Slive and the First Amendment

  1. I’m just not feeling the Mike Slive vibe, I guess.

    This thing, in my opinion, will eventually take care of itself as long as we keep talking about it. The coaches that need to be exposed for over signing have been. How long before we see the effects of this exposure? I think we saw some ripples this year…..and they will get bigger.

    Judging by the class Coach Richt just hauled in, it seems that character and honesty are still viable recruiting tactics.


  2. ChicagoDawg

    It is almost pointless to digest or consider any of Slive’s comments, especially when framed by Mr. Conventional Wisdom. You have the unctuous Slive barfing out his rhetoric and Barnhart dutifully banging out vapid commentary to support the message.

    Barnhart has completely reduced himself, for career reasons, to crotch-sniffing the power broking apparatus of CFB (commissioners, coaches, ADs, bowl committees, TV execs, etc.,). The next time he challenges any of these groups in a meaningful way will be the first, but not likely to happen as he doesn’t want to miss out on all of the cool cocktail parties where he gets to fell like he is in the fraternity.


  3. For the Record

    Satan is a master at managing his numbers.

    Son we are all about wining Championships here. You WILL take a medical hardship to free up a spot on our two deep roster. After all I have 7 more LOI than I have slots available.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    I don’t remember Saban oversigning when he was at LSU. Is it a strategy he picked up in the NFL (the idea of mini-camps and roster cuts)?


    • Scott W.

      He just hadn’t been introduced to the Alabama way. Why isn’t there an NFL team in Bama? Because they already have two professional teams.


  5. IveyLeaguer

    If the head coaching count is 7-5, to me that’s an indication the proposed legislation will pass. It’s the Presidents who really count, not the AD’s and HC’s.

    Slive is a smart fellow and has done a good job for us. We don’t know what’s in it yet, but I like the fact that it addresses “roster management”, because that’s a much broader thing than just oversigning itself. It’s ‘roster management’, not oversigning itself, that gives Saban, Miles, and the rest the huge personnel advantage they have over the rest of us. Otherwise, Houston Nutt might have won the last two SEC Titles.

    The best thing that could happen would be something that levels the playing field across the Conference, in terms of roster personnel, and at the same time prioritizes the interests of the student-athlete.

    And it sounds like that is something that Slive has been proposing. We’ll see.


  6. Derek

    It sounds to me as if the presidents are going to be given a choice: a) be fair to the kids or b) be a scumbag. As the choice is obvious this will get done. It would not surprise if the vote is either not reported or reported as 12-0. Nobody is going to want to be against this publically. All the backroom chatter going on was intended to prevent the proposal from coming to a vote OR an attempt to neuter it. That has failed and it will be passed.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I don’t want to say I told you so but I did tell you so. Oversigning is a virus and it has spread. Now the cheaters (sorry but that is what they are) outnumber the honest programs in the SEC. Ivey, I hope you are right but I do not see a single one of the 7 presidents of the institutions projected to be in favor of the status quo going against his head coach. How long would the president of Bama be president if he over-ruled Saban on this? How about the Auburn prez? The USCe president over-ruling Spurrier? Not a chance! Not if he wants to keep his job. Every Cock alum would be calling asking how to get back his donation. The SEC is Deadwood, South Dakota circa 1870. There is no law and there are no rules.