Could the Mountain West be Jim Delany’s ulterior motive?

Tony Barnhart suggests that the 12-member BCS Presidential Oversight Committee could be facing a troubling decision after this season.

… This has a chance to create some really interesting political theater.

The Presidential Oversight Committee consists of one president from each of the 11 Division I-A conferences plus Rev. John Jenkins, the president of the University of Notre Dame. So the AQ conferences have six votes and the non-AQs have five.

Do the presidents take a hard line and deny the appeal?

The rationale for saying no: They would be giving an automatic bid to a conference that has lost the three teams (TCU, BYU, Utah) that put it in a position to earn the bid in the first place. In short, the Mountain West Conference that earned the automatic bid really won’t exist anymore.

Or will the presidents, who are risk-averse people by nature, decide they want to bypass the political and media firestorm that surely will follow if the Mountain West does not get AQ status? There will be a bunch of stories pointing out how the MWC has outperformed the ACC and the Big East but that the big boys want to keep all the money, etc., etc. It would be yet another big load of bad press for the BCS.

A full scholarship requirement sure would be a game changer, wouldn’t it?

In the short run, the Dawgs may have more than a few of the usual suspects in their corner come September 3rd.

… Now we won’t know about any of this until after the 2011 season and all the numbers are in. But knowing that this is on the line (a BCS AQ bid is worth $24.7 million), you’ll understand why Thompson will be a tad nervous on Sept. 3 when his newest member, Boise State, travels to Atlanta to open the season with Georgia.

“Huge game,” he said. “Monster game.”



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2 responses to “Could the Mountain West be Jim Delany’s ulterior motive?

  1. ScoutDawg

    Lets just hope we treat the Dome like it is our Junkyard.


  2. 69Dawg

    We are a mere road bump in Boise’s run for the BCSC game. So says ESPN College Football Live. Boise at number 5 at a 6-7 UGA, it’s a walk over. Get ready for it the rest of the pre-season.