Georgia’s post-spring depth chart: rise of the walk-ons.

Weiszer has the details here.

Ken Malcome is currently sitting at fourth string, behind Brandon Harton.  Hugh Williams is your back-up left tackle, although per Weiszer, “Richt said that Kenarious Gates will be the first option at tackle if either Cordy Glenn or Justin Anderson goes out.”

You’ll find a few other less than familiar names sprinkled throughout.  Obviously, it’s a long way until September 3rd, but I think it’s pretty clear the welcome mat has been laid out for the Dream Team.



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7 responses to “Georgia’s post-spring depth chart: rise of the walk-ons.

  1. Spence

    Honestly, f the welcome mat. I’m glad these kids are here, but they need to bust their damn asses and not have the same entitled damn attitude that some of these kids (see Ealey, Wahsan, supra) have had. Malcom Mitchell can save the WR corps, or he can sit on the pine for all I care, just play whoever is best.

    I also have the feeling Boo is being sent a message. Hopefully after seeing Washan’s fate, he gets it. Maybe he doesn’t. Clearly he is talented.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Malcome must not have impressed during the spring. LB corp looks impressive


  3. 69Dawg

    Someone mentioned that Boo was hurt for most of the spring practices. I think he gets higher as fall approaches. That Harton kid is another Thomas but with a fumble problem. We all had better pray that no OL guys get hurt and that the Freshman can play or it is going to be another long excuse filled season and 8-4. Richt and his coaches have mismanaged the OL for at least 8 out of his 10 years. It looks like 2011’s OL is SOS and I don’t mean Steve.


  4. CrewDawg

    Pretty sure Boo was injured for spring training. That probably has everything to do with it.


  5. zdub

    I think the “Boo” hype was generated more by our fans just because we did not really have a dominant RB last year. He was a 4 star recruit, I think, but maybe he needs some more time to develop like Marlon Brown did/does?

    Either way, we will see Boo at some point this season. Probably in garbage time at first, then, depending on injuries, perhaps more later on.


  6. shane#1

    Good thing there’s a dream team coming in.