Word up.

I must have done a good job fooling Allen Kenney at Blatant Homerism last year when he invited me on a podcast, because he’s gone back to the well again, this time complete with a snappy Cameo intro.

Give a listen here, if you have a few minutes to spare.


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7 responses to “Word up.

  1. Humblebrag! Naw, congrats on the podcast appearance.

    On the roster management package: coming to the Destin meeting it’s okay, but the best way to address oversigning/attrition is to adhere more strongly to the 85 scholarship cap, not just the 25 scholarships/year cap in the proposal.


    • I think that depends on what your goals are and if you’re a believer in the concept of “perfect is the enemy of good”. His proposals tell me two things: (1) that Slive is focused more on player welfare than on competitive advantage and (2) that he wants to get something passed at the meetings. It’s hard to fault him on either front.

      What you want doesn’t have a chance of passing this go ’round. I doubt Slive will get all of his proposals through, for that matter.


  2. Much appreciation for the time. Y’all need to get The Senator to do these things more often – he killed it.


  3. Zdawg

    Good stuff guys! Enjoyed it.


  4. Ausdawg85

    Waittttttt a minute. You don’t sound at all like Belushi…???


  5. pcidoc

    Great job. Very thorough. Enjoyed it.