Yes, he really is like that.

The story behind Richt putting his lake house on the market is… well, let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t post this.


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17 responses to “Yes, he really is like that.

  1. Reptillicide

    Wonder if Brooks feels like an asshole right about now…


  2. Zdawg

    Dang CMR, just please win next year.


  3. shane#1

    I am glad that Chip Towers went to the source on this story. I think that CMR will go into the mission field full time when he leaves UGA. As for the constant complaints about CMR’s salary, name a person that does more good with his money.


  4. Rick

    I wish this sort of idea would become more prevalent in America in general, Christian or otherwise. People scale up their desires with the size of their bank accounts, when they reached maximum happiness at maybe 60k/year and half a million in savings. If there is something that you’ve always wanted, go for it, but for a lot of the crap we spend money on (particularly luxury items) you aren’t getting one thousandth the utility per dollar that others would. I don’t advocate the government redistributing wealth, but it would be nice if people would save what they don’t need and give it to charity when they die.


    • WarD Eagle

      I suspect most of you guys are doing fairly well in life. If you have the opportunity, and aren’t doing something for someone close by, World Vision has a great program for kids.

      They have a sponsor a kid program (I want to say it’s $25-30 a month) and you and/or your kids can get involved. My two oldest daughters sponsor a kid named Abel in whom they have an intense interest and it is very nice to hear from him about the things he is getting to do because of the money we send to World Vision.


  5. HVL Dawg

    The UGA Athletic Association needs to buy a “coaching study space” on Lake Hartwell right about now. I’d say they should spend somewhere around 2 mill for it.


  6. CoastToCoast

    Eh, I’m glad for Coach and certainly for his charitable works, but I think people could lay off Brooks a little bit. I think he emphasized in his article that the hotseat only “might” be a reason for the sale – not that it was a certainty. Plus, it’s not like he had any of the real reasoning that Towers had from his off-the-record conversations with CMR. If he was flying blind and only lightly theorizing about the sale’s meaning, people can probably ease up on him. He is a Georgia boy after all, not some Barner with ulterior motives.


    • CoastToCoast

      Not that there’s a mob with pitchforks over here at GTP or anything, but he was taking more heat at the AJC and Emerson’s site.


    • Sep

      He should think before he writes instead of looking for a hit piece. Richt is a fine fellow regardless of w-l record.

      And I hope he wins this year.


    • Reptillicide

      Brooks has a history of jumping to conclusions and hoping he’s right.


    • NRBQ

      Brooks is a putz. A small human looking to aggrandize himself by speculating what is in Coach Mark Richt’s heart.

      Gimme one CMR, and you can have a world of dick-head Brookses.

      When you “fly blind,” you may collide with superior beings.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      On the one hand, writers have to produce output and they cannot always research everything to the hilt. On the other hand, cynicism has been de rigeur in journalists for a generation or so, and mud slinging sells. Plus, journalists suffer from hubris; they know civil law cannot hold them accountable for mediocre false statements.

      This column was a cheap shot.


  7. carefulbrad

    Thanks AJC comments section for showing that there is no such thing as a bad time to spit on a man. It’s not like the AJC doesn’t run three UGA stories a day, they had to leave the “Richt is as good as gone” comments on the story about Richt selling property to do more work?


  8. Normaltown Mike

    Thanx for reminding me why I like this man so much. I sure hope he can get it done.


  9. shane#1

    As one that has spent some time in the third world, you guys have no idea. God bless CMR! I will be gone for a few days. My son-in-law tells me the specks are biting in Fla . God bless the Senator and all of you.


  10. mwo

    I love UGA and have loved UGA as long as I can remember. I wish they would go 14-0 every season. When UGA loses a game I still get angry, so I am not complacent about losing. That being said, I hope Coach Richt stays in Athens as long as he desires. He should have enough karma built up to go undefeated for several years. Maybe we could be better with Tressel, Rich Rod, Saban, Meyer, or Petrino. I would rather mt son play for Mark Richt and go winless for his career than play for any of the aforementioned and go undefeated for the same period. Coach Richt is a DGD.