Slow down a little, aight?

No disrespect to Boise State intended, but ESPN’s Bruce Feldman and Edward Aschoff sure seem to be getting ahead of themselves with this:

ESPN senior writer Bruce Feldman has gone and made me wish I was in charge of national football scheduling.

He recently ranked his “Top 10 ‘should be’ rivalries that aren’t”Insider and the SEC is all over the place. In fact, half of the rivalries involve SEC teams, including his top three.


I understand big-time programs don’t really like these kinds of matchups because one loss could derail national title hopes, but for my own selfish reasons I want these games every year. As a fan of the game I’d love to see an early-season Goliath vs. Goliath in place of the traditional cupcake snoozer. If only there was a way for games like this to exist during the regular season without the postseason being completely wrecked by one loss …

Here’s what Feldman had to say:

1. Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Boise State Broncos

Attached to the Broncos’ storybook rise to the sport’s elite has been a feeling that they’ve also become one of the most polarizing topics in college football. No fan base seems more offended by Boise State hype than the SEC crowd, which feels as if most of the Broncos’ success has come against suspect competition. What better way to prove that they belong than by taking on the SEC’s resident super heavyweight, Alabama? Watching the Crimson Tide on Boise’s blue “Smurf Turf” would be a fantastic spectacle.

My thoughts: The Broncos aren’t scared of anyone, but a trip to Tuscaloosa might make that walk off the bus just a little slower. Just imagine the shock the state of Alabama would be in if the Broncos took down one of the SEC’s finest. This one needs to happen soon.

Fellas, could we wait and see if Boise is capable of beating an SEC team first?  To refresh, here’s the Broncos’ track record:

  • 2005 (10-3) Georgia 48-13 (9-4) Boise St.
  • 2002 (9-4) Arkansas 41-14 (12-1) Boise St.
  • 2001 (9-3) South Carolina 32-13 (8-4) Boise St.
  • 2000 (6-6) Arkansas 38-31 (10-2) Boise St.

So, four SEC teams with combined records of 34-16 managed to dispose of Boise State squads which went 39-11. Yeah, I know come this September BSU will likely be favored to take its first SEC scalp, but let’s see that happen before we start talking about “proving they belong”.  Seems like they’ve already had four bites at the apple and come up short.

Morrissey gets the last word here.


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10 responses to “Slow down a little, aight?

  1. zdub

    “No fan base seems more offended by Boise State hype than the SEC crowd, which feels as if most of the Broncos’ success has come against suspect competition.”

    And that won’t change if they beat us this year. The other SEC teams will claim that they beat a down UGA team and still won’t give them respect. They will continue not to get respect until either 2 things happen: they fizzle and fade from the limelight; or they beat the best the SEC has to offer (probably Alabama) in the BCSNCG (and even then, respect is not guaranteed because of their weak yearly schedules).

    What they should have done was try to schedule Alabama in the Dome to begin 2011 (I don’t know if this would have been possible or not, it’s hypothetical at this point). Instead of us, face the best the SEC has to offer at this particular moment. A victory over Bama would probably get them the respect they feel that they deserve.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I generally agree with your posts zdub and I agree with this one except I do not agree that Bama is the “best the SEC has to offer…” The best SEC teams for the last few years going backward are: 2010-Auburn; 2009-Bama; 2008-Florida; 2007- UGA (even though LSU won the SEC and the BCSNC I still maintain the #2 Dawgs were better that year); LSU if you go back further. Who is the “best of the SEC” is really a decision that has to be made yearly.


      • Normaltown Mike

        Which further illustrates that a better challenge (and completely impossible) would be for Boise to play the entire SEC West plus 3 teams from the SEC East. In one season. Or they could play every team in the East plus 3 from the West. In one season. They’d definitely earn some props if they did that.


      • zdub

        That is true, Mayor, at this point we don’t know who the best of the SEC is. I said that based on the preseason picks that are, more or less, picking Bama to win the SECCG. I would imagine that LSU is pretty close to them as well this year, so they also could be in there.

        I still contest that the best the SEC has to offer right now comes from the West, whether it be Bama or LSU. The West is the more powerful division at the moment. I would love to see BSU try to get through the entire West undefeated.

        Still, like I said, they wont get any respect for beating us this year and all hope for their BCSNCG appearance will be lost if they lose.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Just wait and see what the media and the polls do if the Dawgs beat Boise and USCe back to back. I don’t want to jinx us so I won’t say an more……


          • zdub

            I see what you mean; good call, I wouldn’t want to jinx us either. It’s too bad the damn season is still a long way off.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “No fan base seems more offended by Boise State hype than the SEC crowd, which feels as if most of the Broncos’ success has come against suspect competition”

    Is Bruce in Montana, too? Regardless of where he is, he vastly overestimates the amount of time the SEC crowd spends thinking about Boise State. Except for its funky blue field. We spend most of the time thinking about the SEC, its officiating or lack thereof, Delany and the NCAA.


  3. Macallanlover

    Seems like that should be “awight”, or something close to that. Maybe I am just hooked on phonics but we always that “aw” sound in South Georgia when we abbreviated “alright”. Of course, I was in city schools.