I might be more impressed if he could spell.

Then again, I doubt it.


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25 responses to “I might be more impressed if he could spell.

  1. peligroperro

    Lucidity from the Al Sharpton of Football Commentary.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What I really love about Mark May is…………nothing.


  3. Bad M

    I like it. Get him outa here. Perfect fit. He does that car stuff already but just doesn’t get caught.


  4. NRBQ

    Apropos, given that his head is the same shape as a crystal ball.

    (the size of a basketball, however)


  5. JaxDawg

    I actually like May’s thinking here. OSU has the dough, so bring Saban back to where he started, Big 10 country, and watch the Alabama people absolutely lose their shit.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    You don’t think this is a resume for the next HC at tOSU?



  7. So will tOSU now be part of SEC NORTH. LOL


  8. Nick Saben

    Senator Blutarsky, I deeply resent the implication that Mr. May somehow erred and that you have spread a vicious rumor that I will not be named as the Head Coach of the Ohio State University football team. The fact that there is another allegedly better known football coach whose name is spelled similarly to mine is of no consequence. Your cavalier dismissal of my candidacy for that position as a mere typographical error has caused me much mental and emotional trauma and held me up to public ridicule. You can expect to be hearing from my lawyers shortly.


  9. Lou Holtz

    That prediction only holds up if Urbane Myers decides not to take the job first.


  10. kckd

    Would not be suprised if they go after Saban. He seems to get itchy feet after five to six years in one place and he started in the Big Ten. Of course, they may have to change their signing rules for him.


  11. Dog in TN

    Only those in the Big 12 think OSU is a better job than Bama. Why make a lateral transfer?


    • Nate Dawg

      So his ego can win a 3rd MNC at a 3rd school. Who else has done that? That may also help heal-up any lingering NFL wounds… I like Mark May about as much as I like oral surgery – but I’m all for him leaving the SEC as well…


  12. Hogbody Spradlin

    Aside from the richly deserved ridicule, why would Saban leave a job where the entire state is gamed in his favor?


  13. Scott W.

    It’s impressive how he seems to always make a bigger ass of himself.


  14. Spike

    Will they take his statue down if he leaves?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Take it from me. I have relatives in Alabama who went to school at Bama and are rabid Tide fans. If Saban left under any circumstances short of full retirement, they take that statue down in a heartbeat. They badmouth every coach they ever had except the Bear and (to a lesser extent) Gene Stallings.


  15. Macallanlover

    Could Saban even have a winning record if he had to recruit by Big 10 rules again? His greatest success has been when he has the high ground and had more bullets. At Michigan State and Miami, not so much.


  16. W Cobb Dawg

    I’m used to the media dumbing things down, but May is ridiculous. He ought to be wearing a blonde wig, like Holtz.


  17. Stoopnagle


    Would tOSU outspend Bamer on a football coach? Would Jim Delany’s head explode if they did? or if they didn’t?

    It’s difficult to think Saban would leave Alabama where he’s got it so (so very) good. It isn’t hard to fathom that he’d let his name float out there for awhile to see how much more Bamer loves him than they did during the last contract.


    • Dog in Fla

      Jimmy may have already told his intern to set a conference call with Delany, Gee and Gene Smith, if Gene’s still there, to float the idea of an exemption from the Big 10 not much oversigning rule since Jimmy’s client already had a dose of that at Michigan State.


  18. Stoopnagle

    Oh, and Mark May is a _______________.