Jim Tressel’s legacy, part the first

Congratulations, Coach.  You’ve managed to allow Bobby Petrino to occupy the moral high ground.


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31 responses to “Jim Tressel’s legacy, part the first

  1. Spike

    Touche, Senator.

  2. Bad M

    This is why you are the best Senator. Great take.

  3. Dawgy45

    I thought all this Tressel nonsense was bad enough, but when you put it like that…

  4. lrgk9

    You can’t make this stuff up…

  5. Section Z alum


  6. HVL Dawg

    Way to go Bobby!

  7. Go Dawgs!

    Also, a hearty slap on the back goes to Bobby Petrino for simultaneously making it sound like Arkansas wanted to get Ohio State’s best possible shot and also whining about the fact that those guys should have been ineligible (which, clearly, they should have been).

  8. WarD Eagle

    While I don’t necessarily agree (nor highly disagree) with Petrino’s employment practices, I don’t know that he has ever been accused* of cheating.

    (*outside of any posts on TI during his Auburn tenure)

    • Merk

      Being an a$$ and being a cheater can be a long ways from one another. I would say Saban, Petrino, and Urban…while all a-holes also get the job done pretty much legit. They may bend rules(over signing), but they do not break them. The rules they have bent were already being bent by a large portion of teams already.

      • Mike

        I am not sure I put Urban in the same class a Saban and Petrino, from an asshole standpoint.

        • X-Dawg

          I agree. When it comes to assholery, Urban is in a class by himself.

          • Mike

            Yep. It was a big deal and he did something about it. Of course, unlike the coach across the field, he did not do anything to be assessed any penalty. Hell, he didn’t even tell an opposing player he would fucking choke.

            • NRBQ

              You are no longer bound by your fandom to stand behind His Assholedness. Let it go, Mike.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Indeed, Mike. The guy left and it’s not like he stayed for 15-20 years either. He used UF for a plaything and then cast the school aside like a predatory male throws away the telephone number of an innocent girl he seduced for a one-night stand. You should not remember him fondly and certainly you should not be taking up for him. Not now.

            • 81 Dog

              you really need to get over that. Irvin could have called 10 time outs in the last 30 seconds of the 08 game, and it wouldnt have changed the ass whipping you got in 07. He’s an asshole because his little cuteness was worthy of a 5 year old having a tantrum. He could have gone to UGA’s endzone and peed on the G and you and your other lemmings would have Gator chomped him until your fingers bled. That wouldnt have changed 07, either. Maybe you and ZZGator should get married.

            • Mike

              Guys, Meyer guy is a bit of a mercenary. Hell more than a bit, having exhibited all the necessary personality traits to be a successful mercenary. In fact, I read today on a Gator Blog where the author calls him the ultimate cutthroat corporate coach. Very apt.

              Those traits make Meyer’s opponents hate him and probably kept him from being universally loved by all Florida fans. That said, I have no large problems with the man or in general how he ran his program. He won and won big, he did not get Florida into any trouble, and by-in-large he was a great recruiter. His worst year was 8-5.

              Yes, Meyer probably should have stuck to his original resignation, but I can forgive him for that. I think he was probably talked into coming back, and I suspect the guy that did most of the convincing was Foley, if for no other reason to give Foley a longer time to find a replacement.

              Last year was a disaster, by Florida standards anyway. But hell, 8-5 is a lot better than some of the results our rivals have had during their down years.

              I tell you guys what, I’ll stop talking about him if you will.

        • HackerDog

          I think the players he recruited at Bowling Green, right before he jumped ship for Utah, or at Utah right before leaving for Florida, might disagree.

          I don’t blame Corch for taking better jobs, just the Petrino/Sabanesque tactic of swearing he’s not leaving days before announcing he’s long gone.

      • WarD Eagle

        I think I’ll withhold judgment on Saban (if not at least somewhat) considering his propensity for bumps.

        (is that TI-ish enough?)

    • Go Dawgs!

      Definitely didn’t mean to suggest otherwise….

      • Go Dawgs!

        Sorry, Ward, my Droid loaded your comment as a response to mine. My mistake. Stupid smart phone.

    • I wasn’t implying he’s a cheater, just that he’s been less than honorable in some of his dealings with his employers – past, present and prospective. (Not to mention the way he left his players and some of his staff in Atlanta in the lurch.)

      • WH

        If we’re cataloging Petrino’s sins, might as well lump in former collegiate players who were victims of “roster management,” right? Was anyone surprised his response to the issue today was effectively, “Yeah, so?”

      • Mike

        Yep. That is my description on an asshole.

        Meyer, for all he medical (or even mental) problems, was not that way

  9. mwo

    I only wish Petrino had gone to Auburn where I wouldn’t have to divide my hatred between them and Arkansas.

  10. Dog in Fla

    Bobby – Happy and fortunate then. Bewildered now.

    “NEW ORLEANS — Arkansas head coach Bobby Petrino said on Thursday that he was happy the five Ohio State players — who were suspended by the NCAA for receiving improper benefits — were ruled eligible to play in next week’s Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans.

    Petrino, who has led the No. 8 Razorbacks (10-2) to their first BCS bowl game ever, said that he didn’t want anything to tarnish this special moment in Arkansas football history.

    “When it first came out, we happened to be having a team meeting right before we were ready to leave,” Petrino said Thursday, inside the ballroom at the Marriott New Orleans at the Convention Center. “We all talked about how we hoped there’s nothing to this situation. We want them to be eligible for the game.

    “We get to a bowl game of this magnitude, you want to play against their best players, so I think we’re fortunate that they’re eligible to play.”


    • shane#1

      How dare you use a man’s own words against him! That is not Kosher, or as we say in South Ga., that ain’t fittin’ , by God!

      • 81 Dog

        what was it H.L. Mencken once said? A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds. Bobby Petrino is no small mind, sir.

  11. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    The NCAA should have taped a memo to Petrino’s locker in the Super Dome to inform him that tOSU 5 would be playing that night.

  12. Whiskeydawg

    Bobby Petrino was reported missing this morning by the authorities in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Shortly after arriving at Razorback Stadium at 8:00 AM and seeing a Atlanta Falcons flag, Coach Petrino ran to his car and was last seen driving West at a high rate of speed.