So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance.

Steve Spurrier still can’t bring himself to say it about Stephen Garcia.

“I think one [more suspension] and he’ll be finished,” South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said of his senior quarterback.

“I think”?  Garcia is the Edwin Edwards of college football.


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14 responses to “So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance.

  1. gatriguy

    Steve Howe thinks Garcia is getting too many chances.


  2. Spike

    So does Lindsay Lohan.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Maybe if he kills someone or burns down half of Columbia we might just maybe consider that the last straw.


  4. heyberto

    If this hinges on Garcia’s next suspension.. all Spurrier has to do is not suspend him. After all that’s happened, I would expect that anything that Garcia does that is not public knowledge will stay that way this time. Spurrier will handle it ‘internally’ without anyone’s knowledge.. and that probably includes Garcia.


  5. S.E. Dawg

    That camel’s back sure is strong.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    * – management reserves the right to change policy if there’s another suspension.


  7. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    The final straw will result in a 1 game suspension … that will be taken over the course of 3 games ECU, Navy and Citadel … [Games 1, 3 & 12) … that’ll teach him a life lesson for sure.


  8. Scott

    He’ll wait to see how far Connor Shaw has come along before he’ll draw a line in the sand.