Why are Big Ten coaches concerned about SEC recruits?

Here’s the thing that bugs me with all the overwrought hand wringing about SEC oversigning:  if reform is supposed to be about doing the right thing for student-athletes and recruits…

Oversigning has embarrassed the SEC, and while some of the coaches are loathe to let go of a competitive advantage, the ADs and presidents seem to understand that strengthening the rules on this particular issue won’t dilute the quality of the football in the conference that has won the past five national titles. “We need to protect the kids,” Mississippi State athletic director Scott Stricklin said. “We’re the biggest and the best conference around. We need to be leaders.”

… then why should the following matter to the SEC?

Coaches in the Big Ten would argue the proposal doesn’t go far enough. Coaches in the Big 12 — where half of the schools are chronic oversigners — probably would side with their colleagues in the SEC West, where everyone oversigns. Coaches at schools that only occasionally sign more than 25 when a need arises probably would side with Dooley.


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8 responses to “Why are Big Ten coaches concerned about SEC recruits?

  1. Scott W.

    Why, because they are smarter and more virtuous of course. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


  2. ScoutDawg

    Really, chronic oversigners? I hope they die a slow, pain-filled, sweatervest death.


    • gastr1

      Or one filled with painful muscle diseases caused by poor weight room practices, perhaps? Pshaw on you, Big 10 holy rollers.


  3. Dave

    No one’s going to argue that kids don’t deserve better. But the notion that B1G schools do a better job of retaining and nurturing their recruits is complete crap. The SEC’s multi-year APR matches the B1g’s. Alabama’s would place them 5th in that conference and within a few points of 3rd. That should be impossible, given the assumptions 0-s people like to toss around.

    It’s not about the kids. Never was.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    Why are Big Ten coaches concerned about SEC recruits? Because they want them to be Big Ten recruits.