Pat Dye wonders if the SEC presidents are man enough to trust their coaches.

Hoo, boy.

… If you look around the SEC the integrity of the coaches is such that they are not going to mistreat a kid. If you don’t allow coaches to sign over the yearly limit of 25, they are going to come up short of getting to the squad limit of 85 players on scholarship.

(h/t Joe @ Coaches Hot Seat Blog)


UPDATE:  Pat, here’s your answer.


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36 responses to “Pat Dye wonders if the SEC presidents are man enough to trust their coaches.

  1. Zdawg

    But of course the begs the question of why some coaches do this and others do not. You can not say it is a necessity that is honestly administered when some programs refuse to do it. It just smells fishy (or whatever the smell is of gaming the system to get an advantage).

  2. So it’s the SEC presidents who need to trust the integrity of their coaches, and not vice-versa.

    …I’m not even mad, that’s amazing.

  3. Scott W.

    Pat Dye is man enough to trust his pants to stick around and look how that turned out.

  4. JaxDawg

    Who care what Pat Dye thinks?

  5. Gravidy

    Boy, am I glad I had my hip boots on when I read that.

  6. Mr GQ

    Pat Dye, integrity, trusting coaches … yeah there is no way that leaving this decision in the hands of the AD’s & coaches could EVER go wrong.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Pete Rose is not in the Baseball Hall of Fame due to integrity issues but Pat Dye is in the College Football Hall of Fame. Does anyone else see something wrong here?

  7. Gravidy

    Senator: Are you going to award a prize to your 7,000,000th hitter…like maybe a free subscription to your blog? 🙂

  8. Dog in Fla

    Pat’s long-standing legacy is that integrity should never be handcuffed

  9. IveyLeaguer

    Dye is right as far as it goes.

    If they go the 25 today, without addressing the roster management loopholes (the primary problem), then not only will the main problem not be taken care of, but totally honest natural attrition will cause some teams to be short of the 85.

    So the overall effect will be SEC teams get hurt. They have to be careful how they do this. We have to keep our fingers crossed today.

    • +1. The loopholes are more significant than the roster limit, IMO.

      • Gravidy

        I agree. Who cares how many LOIs get signed in a given year if no team ever gets above 85 scholarships, no recruit gets misled, or no player gets cut under false pretenses?

    • Dave

      I just hope they understand that the critics are not going to go away until they start losing.

      • Texas_Dawg


        The school that has most fiercely condemned this practice (far, far more fiercely than any B10 school or official publicly has) has won 2 MNCs in the past 5 years.

    • Texas_Dawg

      Being short of 85 is really not a big deal… at all.

      NFL rosters have 57. 85 is more than enough to field football teams.

      Who cares about SEC “teams” getting hurt? The move means a lot fewer kids getting screwed over by roster purging programs sending them off to inferior schools.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        TD, all the NFL teams have 57. That’s the problem with roster management as currently practiced in college football and particularly in the SEC. It allows some teams to as a practical matter have more players than others. How long do you think teams in the NFL would allow that league to have rules that let some teams have 65 while others were limited to 57? That’s what this hodgepodge of rules in the SEC and NCAA allows and the Slive “fix” really doesn’t correct that.

  10. Dave

    If I had read this on EDSBS, I would have assumed it to be satire. Good satire.

    Dye on coaching integrity? Just speechless.

    • NRBQ

      But then the thread would go off on a 100-post tangent about how long it takes Sans-a-Belts to decompose in an Alabama lake.

  11. DavetheDawg

    I just hope we hit the wheel route this time, or the wide open tight end.

  12. Mike

    I guess Machen has more influence than some here thought?

    • Or the presidents were more willing to disagree with their coaches than previously thought. Score one for optimism!

    • Texas_Dawg


      I’ve said for months here that whatever we think of UF, they are the most powerful school in this conference as far as the NCAA goes. Florida is a bigger, somewhat more affluent state than Georgia, and it has a larger national pull.

      UGA is much closer to UF than the SEC West along these lines… but we aren’t Florida.

      That’s just geographic and economic reality. Nothing wrong with acknowledging this.

      UGA needs to stick close to UF off the field. These ethical battles aren’t going away as CFB and collegiate athletics face a lot more issues… and the SEC West states and schools have shown they will forever be conscientious objectors to modernity and progress.

  13. Texas_Dawg

    Pat Dye is from a sad, sad era for the South and SEC, and he still thinks and acts accordingly.

    Glad that his crowd is fading, and modernity is slowly but surely taking over.

    Really bad day for the Old South and SEC West today. Still a long way to go… but great progress today.

  14. Derek

    It’s a great day in sec football. Saban lost and right won.

  15. This was the wrong move.

    The 28 and 85 caps were fine.

    Its the BS loopholes and the lying that were the problem.

    • Texas_Dawg

      Imperfect? Sure.

      But still some good progress.

      100 isn’t perfect… but it’s better than, say, the 119 signed the 4 years before its 2010 MNC. 19 more roster mulligans than they would have had under the new rules.

      And the med DQs oversight is going to make it a lot tougher on Bama and Auburn as well. Auburn got to that 119 in part by purging 5 players via med DQ last off-season alone… making room for Fairley and Newton and 30 others.