No pressure, kid. doesn’t think Isaiah Crowell has much riding on his shoulders this season.

Well, except for this:

In short, Crowell has both the opportunity and the talent to do for the Bulldogs exactly what Lattimore did for South Carolina last season. If he lives up to the hype, there’s no reason Richt can’t ride him right past a forgiving schedule (with no Alabama, LSU or Arkansas out of the West and no road game more difficult than Tennessee) all the way to Atlanta. If he doesn’t? Most likely, someone other than Richt is patrolling the Bulldogs’ sideline in 2012.

The guess here is that Crowell delivers, and the “Dream Team” momentum carries Richt into 2012 and beyond. But either way, Crowell enters 2011 as the most important true freshman in the SEC … and possibly the country.  [Emphasis added.]



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  1. ShackDawg

    You should have “bolded” this: “another year spent wallowing in mediocrity, another year losing to Florida, another year spent saying “wait ’til next year” has assured that Richt is most definitely on the hot seat now.”

    The “Choir Boy” act has worn thin and he’s about to get his and his entire extended families ass kicked out of Athens if he doesn’t figure out how to beat sorry ass teams like Colorado and Central Florida. Did that really happen? With the talent that Richt’s recruited? Colorado and UCF? WTF?


    • simpl_matter

      “Choir Boy” act?


      • ShackDawg

        You missed all this, the important shit: “another year spent wallowing in mediocrity, another year losing to Florida, another year spent saying “wait ’til next year” has assured that Richt is most definitely on the hot seat now”… and wigged the fuck out over the “choir boy” thing. Really? WTF?


        • simpl_matter

          You are questioning/attacking his character because we had a few bad years. That’s WTF. Someone devotes their life to trying to do the right things and helping others only to have it thrown in their face, that’s BS. Try to keep some perspective (or take it to the AJC).


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Gee EeyoreDawg what a sourpuss and buzz kill you turned into. Just be thankful you are not a Longhorn fan. You might commit seppuku- if you needed a second, I would be happy to oblige. In lieu of that get some sleep you are becoming a boor.
      just sayin’


    • After carefully considering the above insinuation, I’m not feeling the Shack Dawg vibe, I guess.

      I’ll chock it up to a lack of arena experience.


  2. Dawg Stephen

    Shack Dawg, I am as mad as anyone else about some of the losses… but the choir boy “ACT”? I really have to disagree about the reason for the losses being because CMR has FAITH…. Yes Colorado and UCF… Yes they both happened… CMR caused the fumble at colorado, and the interceptions against UCF.. those were both his fault because he is a man of faith.. yeah thats it….

    There was something else going on, but to say a “choir boy act” is growing thin… ummm not sure really how to respond without gettin personal so i wont. I just assure you that wasnt a good response.


    • We should have crushed UCF by 30 pts, INTs or not.


      • Biggus Rickus

        The team didn’t show up at a bowl nobody cares about. It happens. That said, if the team doesn’t show up at any point this season and ends up 8-4 or 7-5 Richt is probably gone. And I wouldn’t argue with the decision.


        • Biggus Dickus

          8-4. Really bro? A bowl win gets that record to 9 wins. THAT is cause to fire a guy with 2 SEC Championships in 10 years under his belt? And hire who exactly to replace him? Ask Michigan fans about that. Go back to sleep and let one of the other personalities run things for awhile until you wise up. 9-4 or even 8-5 and Richt is safe and on to the next season.


  3. Dawgaholic


    I’m glad you’re not in control and hope you aren’t making big decisions for any company. If you are though, please let me know as I would like to buy some stock in some of your competitors.

    Best regards,



  4. Kevin

    After releasing Ealey it does feel a bit like Richt has put his career in the hands of Crowell.

    oh and obligatory shack dawg-is-an-idiot-comment here


  5. BMan

    Shack Dawg, nobody likes a 6-win season, and the quotes you pulled out make a point that many agree with. But then you went further and attacked Richt’s character and said it was a choir boy act. You tried to be edgy and got carried away, then you made it worse by defending it vehemently instead of saying mea culpa. Like him as a football coach or not, that’s your business and nobody can tell you that you’re wrong either way. But he’s not acting the part of a choir boy. I’m guessing the family of James Eunice in Valdosta could vouch for him.


    • GreenDawg


      Or perhaps you could ask the son and daughter he adopted from the Ukraine. Or possibly the HIV/AIDS victims he helps with UGA HERO. Maybe even those people in Honduras that he visits to help out every few years… You get the point.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    “he’s about to get his and his entire extended families ass kicked out of Athens if he doesn’t figure out…”

    Like what happened when Ray Goff and Jim Donnan were fired? Oops, Jim lives in Five Points and Ray in Oconee.

    You must spend a lot of time listening to Jim Rome “Smack Offs” and arguing with Alabama and Auburn fans on the intertubes if you think Georgia fans are going to start heaving bricks at Casa Richt.

    Dollars for doughnuts says you couldn’t kick his ass and/or that of his family (son John or brother in law Brad Johnson).


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    I can understand Shack’s frustration. Maybe a bit over-the-top, though.

    Crowell isn’t all we’ve got. If the Dawgs utilize King and Malcome on 1st and 2nd downs, and use Thomas on the outside and on some 3rd downs, the running game should be servicable. If Crowell delivers, it’s icing on the cake. Unfortunately, we’ve had good backs for years and haven’t been able to capitalize on their talents.


    • WarD Eagle

      I think this year will be different.

      Schedule – Favorable. Not easy, but favorable.

      OL Experience – This is a big factor in whether Crowell looks great or not. Even if he has the skills, having a 350lb OT shoved into you in the backfield makes for a bad run. Crowell has the skills, the line has the experience. The biggest concern might be the loss of Searels, but sometimes a change makes people step up.

      Defense – Another year in the same scheme will look good. I think this is the true difference maker at UGA.

      QB Experience – Aaron Murray has been there. He’s a gamer.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        It all starts with the O-line. The reason we haven’t had a dominating ground game wasn’t the lack of good backs but rather the lack of a dominating O-line (the exception is, of course, a simply outstanding back who makes his own holes like Herschel or Knowshon). CMR and the staff seem to have cured the conditioning problem with the O-line which should go a long way toward improving the running game next season–if that thin unit can stay healthy.


  8. Stoopnagle

    Georgia should never lose to UCF.

    I don’t think there’s much more to add.

    The record isn’t important, the outcome is what matters:
    1. Compete every week
    2. Beat the right teams (here’s a hint: most of them were orange and/or blue)
    3. Undefeated at home
    4. Get to the SEC Championship Game

    That’s my minimum requirement for a satisfactory 2011. If we can do all that and go 8-4, that’s fine with me. (We can’t, but there you go)


    • Charles

      Alabama should never lose to Louisiana-Monroe, Michigan should never lose to Appalachian State, Virginia Tech should never lose to James Madison, etc.

      I can hardly fault fans for failing to appreciate the brutality and complexity of this sport. But, I’m always surprised to see people shocked that a team with heart will usually conquer an opponent that’s “going through the motions.” Lord knows, we’ve seen it happen before.