Reader Poll: The SEC’s new oversigning rules

It was fun surfing message boards, blogs and pundits’ opinion pieces this weekend to get a feel for the reaction to the SEC’s new oversigning legislation.  As you can imagine, responses were all over the board, ranging from warning of the Apocalypse to a stifled yawn.

The most interesting variation on the topic I saw was speculation over whether conferences like the ACC and Big 12 would benefit from the new rules.  Honestly, I’m not feeling it.  By and large, roster management is about players on the margin – recruits who are at risk academically and student-athletes who find themselves buried on the depth chart.  As Pat Dooley rather succinctly put it, “When was the last time you read about an impact player in the conference who grayshirted to start his career?”

Now I admit you can probably make a case that Georgia Tech could get some use out of Nick Saban’s discards, but the reality is that the schools that will likely benefit the most from Slive’s New World are located farther down the football conference food chain.  That strikes me as being especially true given that Georgia and Florida weren’t oversigning before the legislation passed.

But I recognize that others’ mileage may vary on this subject.  (Certainly the SEC coaches disagree with me on this.)  So, that sounds like a good topic for a poll today.  Weigh in.

And, yes, it would be churlish of you to point out that there’s nothing in the poll about how much the kids might benefit from the changes.


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2 responses to “Reader Poll: The SEC’s new oversigning rules

  1. William Mitchell

    In reference to Dooley’s comment about a grey-shirt making an impact….unless I’m mistaken Sidney Rice was a grey-shirt at South Carolina


  2. Dorian Grayshirt

    I’d do it if they asked me.