He always did like a challenge.

Meet the new defensive line coach at Northwest Mississippi Community College (h/t Weiszer).

The defending MACJC North Division champion Northwest Rangers and fourth-year head coach Ricky Woods have announced the hiring of Jon Fabris as its new defensive line coach.

Fabris replaces Jordan Lesley, who coached one season for Northwest and left to take the defensive coordinator position at Kilgore College (Texas) in early March.

A veteran defensive coach, Fabris will be joining the Rangers’ coaching staff after spending the last nine seasons (2001-09) as the defensive ends coach on Mark Richt’s staff at the University of Georgia.

Somehow it’s fitting that the man who loved directional kicking now coaches at a directional community college.


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13 responses to “He always did like a challenge.

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I guess nothing needs to be said about his professional reputation. Wow.


  2. walter sobchak

    how did UGA/Richt employ this man for 9yrs?
    apparently no one else would?


  3. Normaltown Mike

    Good for him, no snark intended.

    Say what you will about his results, he wasn’t willfully trying to do a bad job. And in his early years he was credited with some pretty key punt blocks.

    Coaching is a circus by any measure and I pity the guys that are on the fringe trying to eek out a living for the family.


  4. This isn’t even about special teams or directional kicking. The release from NMCC doesn’t mention any special-teams responsibilities for Fabris.

    Jeez, I certainly don’t wish the man any ill will, but . . . good lord. This guy has David Pollack, Quentin Moses and Marcus Howard to point to on his resume, but he ends up at a JUCO in Mississippi?

    Either the rest of the world has utterly failed to recognize Fabris’ talents or Pollack, Moses, Howard et al. managed to transcend some seriously mediocre coaching.


  5. Fabris got a job with Strong at Louisville instantly. He did not have trouble finding employment. What I’ve heard is this: he later decided to come back to Athens because he wanted to spend more time with his son. Then he sat out the job search for a while until he found something that would let him spend more time with his family. I’m guessing coaches at community colleges don’t work 80+ hours a week all year.

    Good for him.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I hope that’s what happened. If he truly wants to coach at that level to have time with family, then it’s awesome. But if he couldn’t find a job higher up the ladder (considering the fact that he backed out on Oklahoma and Louisville, I can understand someone being hesitant to hire him), then I think it’s sad. His special teams philosophies were worse than FUBAR, but he coached some great defensive ends and he was a part of some of my favorite UGA football teams of all time. So, if the MACJC is what he wanted, then GATA. If not, I hope he gets back onto a bigger stage soon.


  6. Prosticutor

    Ricky Woods could go down as one of the greatest High School coaches ever in the game. Having said that, I hope he sees something with Coach Fabris and has the same kind of success at NWMS. Heck, his old South Panola High teams could probably beat his current one!


  7. Todd

    Fabris was a joke. He was part of Granny Holtz’s staff at USCe. He didn’t develop those DEs, they were just that good. Still can’t believe he didn’t grab Troy Williamson from Silver Bluff. South Carolina was Fabris’ territory. He didn’t get Geathers or Green. That was RG and Richt.

    Fabris being at Georgia for as long as he was, shows just how messed up Athens is right now. The misses in recruiting and lack of GATA on the recruiting trail will be the downfall of Richt. I hate it, but he just doesn’t have it anymore. Or did he ever? Not really sure he beat anybody that had better talent than he did.

    Dan Mullin and this defensive staff would be a killer. Face it folks, you can get around the 50 yard line and pray all night after the game. You ain’t gonna be put in the top 10 being a nice guy.


  8. hodgie

    Dear Todd,

    Dear all Fabris haters,
    This is the guy who gave us Pollack, Moses, Howard, and Johnson, right? He is not a bad coach. Also, this may sound like an in the arena comment but if you have never coached competitive athletics you don’t understand the demands or limitations put on these coaches. I agree, his directional kicking strategies were silly. However, that truly should have been Richt’s call. He should have put an end to that.




    • Todd

      No,Pollack, Moses, Howard, and Johnson gave us …..Pollack, Moses, Howard, and Johnson.
      How many times has Richt beat teams with better talent than Georgia?


  9. hodgie

    Come on man. Really? He has the highest win pct of all time @ UGA and he’s no good? Come on dude. Get yourself together.