Here we go.

A University of New Mexico regent wants the school and state to jump into bed with the Utah attorney general on the BCS antitrust suit.  Money (ha!) quote:

“Something’s clearly wrong with a system in which people conspire to keep other conferences out of this series,” Fortner said, “when the end result is to cut a number of schools out of a lot of money.”

At least he’s not arguing that his school deserves a postseason shot to settle it on the field.


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9 responses to “Here we go.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Next they’ll want the chicks for free


  2. Gravidy

    Hmmmm…a university regent is offended by capatilism. You don’t say. In other news, the sun rose this morning and is widely expected to set this evening.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Sounds like he wants a college football subsidy.


  4. Castleberry

    Can someone explain the way BCS conferences “conspire” to keep other teams out of the money??

    I thought Utah was in the Pac-12 now. Why is their attorney general still going after the BCS?


  5. Will Trane

    They have football programs in the state of New Mexico. I did not know that.
    What kind of record do their teams have? How big are their stadiums?

    The BCS is open to all over signers. What those schools needs is a proto-type to go by. Strongly recommend USC and OSU.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Look, let’s be candid about this. The real problem is one of perception. The BIG 6 conferences have created a system that appears to discriminate against the remaining D-IA conferences. In reality that is not the case. Those conferences would hardly ever sniff a major bowl without the BCS. The BCS rules allow those smaller guys an opportunity to play in a BCS bowl game if they are good enough (i.e. finish high enough in the standings). The real problem is on the other end. The champion of a Big 6 conference is guaranteed a spot in a BCS game no matter how lousy. Exhibit “A” is UConn last season. How can anybody justify that team being in a BCS bowl? I say do away with the requirement that the champion of each Big 6 conference gets a spot in a BCS bowl. While they are at it abolish the rule that only 2 teams from a conference can play in BCS Bowls in the same season. Talk about anti-competitive! Last season 3 SEC teams would have been in BCS bowls without this BS restriction. Some previous seasons the number would have been 4. It’s discrimination against the SEC really. That is what needs to be reformed.


  7. Keese

    Create a damn playoff for the non AQ conferences!