Golden Nugget’s early lines

From Hedges to Hardwood has the details on the point spreads of some of Georgia’s games here.  Basically, it’s about what you’d expect to see for a team coming off a lackluster 6-7 season.

The Boise spread is interesting, though, if you thought a top-five team might generate more respect than being a four-point favorite.  Especially since the line has fallen from the Georgia +6 the Golden Nugget initially posted.


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11 responses to “Golden Nugget’s early lines

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    That’s why they actually play the game.


  2. Sep

    I am not a guy who does a lot of betting but this would be a slam as far as I’m concerned. I honestly believe Georgia will be focused and pissed. If they are the latter this could be a tough team.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      Not sure why you think this version of the Dawgs will be “focused and pissed”. When was the last time we have seen a CMR lead team focused AND pissed? The early lines seem to be fair. The only surprise is that we are favored over MSU. I know, the game is in Athens, but still.


      • sUGArdaddy

        Sigh…such a sad dawg fan.

        I suppose it is like life, and I’m so much happier being a glass half full kind of fan. There are some fans that walk in thinking they’re going to get boatraced every Saturday and some that think they’re gonna shock the world, no matter the odds. I’m a shock the world guy, and it just feels better.

        Now, onto reality. I’ll tell you why I think we’ll be ready to play Skeptic Dawg…because I think he knows his job is on the line and I think he likes making $3 mil a year. I also think we’ve made some necessary changes in coaching. I think our defense will look like the improvements we saw under BVG from ’01 to ’02. I think the S & C changes will help with power and attitude. I also think Richt’s tenor is simply different from years past.

        And I think we’re better. Murray will be a year older and will have experience. If you simply want to go on what we have seen from CMR, then Murray should be THE reason for you to be optimistic. Richt’s win totals with a QB who has at least a year experience:

        ’02 – 13
        ’03 – 11
        ’04 – 10
        ’07 – 11
        ’08 – 10

        That’s an average of 11 wins with an experienced QB. I like our chances simply because of that. Plus, I think IC is going to be the real deal.


        • Skeptic Dawg

          You raise extremely valid points. My only arguement would be with our D. I believe there are too question marks coming off of last season. As for CMR, I believe that the succes, as well as the piss and vinegar, dsiplayed by his early teams was a direct result of CBV and his D. Yes, those teams had talent on the offensive side of the ball, but their playing personality came from the D. There has been a complete lack of personality to this program since he has left. CMR simply does not have the demeanor to have a team fired up week in and week out. And I have not seen an assistant take over that role. CTG may eventually be that person, but I have not seen it to day. Until I witness this change on a weekly basis, I will continue to believe that the Dawgs will struggle. That by no means equates to me WANTING them to throw L’s across the schedule, nor does it deminish my love for the Dawgs or this university.


          • Macallanlover

            While I share your concern about our defense, I have always been confused about the “demeanor” issue as it applies to Mark Richt. I know that many of today’s sports fans prefer brash, in-your-face type athletes and coaches but this doesn’t mean it is a requirement for success. Fair point that some prefer overt enthusiasm but John Wooden, Joe Paterno, and Tom Landry are examples of successful coaches who were not mouthy or brash in interviews, or on the sideline. I feel many UGA fans underestimate the compeitive intensity of Mark Richt because he does not fit their stereotype of how a coach should behave.


  3. Thanks for the link love.

    What’s really interesting about this game is how much the line has move since it was put up. It’s now at 1.5 after being at 4 pretty much immediately after the release. The good folks at the Nugget are really going to be smiling come about 11:15 p.m. on September 3rd or calling Ben Bernanke to sling em some greenbacks.

    Hopefully the latter.

    Thanks again for the shout out.


  4. Mike

    I’ll take a three point win over UGA any day. Even if it means another UGA coach making obscene comments to a Florida player.


    • Spence

      Obscene? Don’t forget to change your panties tonight, unless you’re too busy crying cause someone uttered a bad word near you earlier in the day.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Suggesting that a certain player may choke by making gestures is not obscene. Jorts, however, are obscene, particularly when the wearer’s butt crack is visible.