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Taking his time.

Dennis Dodd asks a question that’s been on my mind.

… Right now being the key message. Byrne was Mississippi State’s AD when the Cam Newton mess started. In the name of Cecil Newton, why hasn’t there been emergency legislation to close the loophole that allowed Cam’s dad to raffle him off to the highest bidder?

As Dodd observes, Mark Emmert’s been on the job for seven months.  How long does it take to draft a couple of paragraphs to fix what even Emmert admits is a serious black eye for the NCAA?


UPDATE:  I guess the NCAA figures it has bigger fish to fry.


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Fertile ground

Here’s a rather remarkable note from John Pennington“In terms of SEC commitments to date, the state of Georgia has produced 33, with Louisiana (15) and Florida (10) also producing in double-digits.”  That’s out of a total of 84, mind you.

So, yeah, what that means is that there are already more SEC commitments in mid-June than Georgia can sign next February.  It’s not possible for Richt to build a big enough fence to keep his rivals out of the state.

Just for yuks, Georgia Tech currently has four verbal commitments from Georgia high school players.  That’s less than Alabama and Vanderbilt have, and the same number as Kentucky.


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I tell ‘ya, life ain’t easy for a boy named Tressel.

Tressel J. Webb’s parents haven’t done their son any favors.

… The Tressel-naming trend began with Pam Schubach of Clyde, who was 6 months pregnant on Jan. 3, 2003, when OSU upset the Miami Hurricanes in Tempe, Ariz., to win the national title.

Still euphoric three months later, father Jason Webb floated some name possibilities.

“He wanted either Eddie (after OSU running back Eddie George) or Tressel,” said Schubach, 34. “I really liked Tressel and was all for it.

“And I still respect the man.”

Her son, now 8 and heading into the third grade, has embraced their decision: For Halloween, he donned a gray sweater vest and let his mom powder his hair.

“People call him ‘Coach’ all the time,” Schubach said.

Trick or treat, dork.


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At Ohio State, another day, another series of transgressions

At this point, maybe our biggest concern should be whether the NCAA investigators become jaded.


UPDATE:  Of course.


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Kiffin watch: misty water-colored memories

The NCAA got the Urnge band back together this past weekend and that gave Junior the chance to reminisce.

… Kiffin, who met with reporters upon his exit earlier Saturday afternoon, said he spoke with Hamilton, who hired him to replace Phillip Fulmer in December of 2008.

“I just wanted to make sure I said to him what I said before in the statement,” Kiffin said. “I feel really, really bad for him. It’s an unfortunate situation. I enjoyed him being my boss, and I think he’s a great man.”

Translation:  he was the best enabler I ever worked for.

By the way, has anybody noticed that the two ADs who hired the Laner to be their head coach are no longer in their positions?  Whatever else you can say, I doubt that was part of the plan.


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The greatest five-loss season in the history of college football

Now this is some funny shit.

I mean, I’m in the camp which believes that South Carolina has to be considered the favorite to win the SEC East this year, and I still can’t help but chuckle over that “scariest offense in the nation” line.


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