Mark Richt and the new math of oversigning

The man cuts to the chase:

… Here’s what he said: “Oversigning. I’ll just say this. You guys can figure it out. 85 on scholarship, ok? If 15 guys leave, how many do you have room for?”

Richt said it wasn’t a trick question.

“Fifteen,” one reporter said.

“Thank you for being brave enough to answer that question,” Richt said. “How many are you allowed to sign?”

“Twenty-five,” he was told.

“Is 25 more than 15?,” Richt said. “I don’t know if you catch my drift of what I’m trying to say. …All I’m saying is you can still oversign with 25. If you only have 15 and you sign 25, you still sign more than you got. The question is everybody’s integrity. That’s the question. Are we all going to do things in the right way.  [Emphasis added.]  I think everybody’s trying to do that. It’s not an easy thing to manage. It really is not.”

Richt said if you “sign right to the 85 number,” on signing day, by the time preseason practices start in August, attrition could bring that number down to 79.

“It’s not as simple as everybody wants to make it,” Richt said.

Can you legislate integrity?  If you can’t, isn’t the next best approach to incentivize for it?


UPDATE:  Of course, if you’re someone like Michael Adams, you can pompously intone that you’re all about “putting the student first” and hope that takes care of the matter.


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9 responses to “Mark Richt and the new math of oversigning

  1. RB

    Can I punch Adams in the face now?


  2. Dog in Fla

    Atypically, Mark is no longer mute about the math


  3. Stoopnagle

    “Put the student first” doesn’t say anything about what you do with athletes.


  4. Bad Marinara

    It doesn’t solve the problem, but it keeps some teams from looking really sleazy. If no school would have gone over 25 these past years (looking at you Ole Miss) I guarantee AD’s would not be talking about this issue. Its not national news. Doesn’t mean there isn’t still a problem. Just helps (a little) to keep the conference from looking stupid. For now.


  5. OKDawg

    Any news on why Richt was not as vocal in Destin? He makes a good argument here. Was is simply for solidarity with the coaches?


    • I wanna Red Cup

      CMR is a good man and I am proud he is our coach and hope that he succeeds in a big way. PMA, on the other hand, is a prick.


  6. Scott W.

    All the new rule did was allow people like Adams to act like they actually care when they don’t. CMR didn’t speak out in Destin because there is no sense in making yourself a pariah if no real credence is going to be paid to the problem. I’m sure PMA was real proud of his essay in the WSJ, speaks volumes about his intentions.