Tough times demand tough contracts.

In poker, we’d call this a tell.

Gene Chizik’s contract no longer stipulates that an investigation triggered by Auburn, the SEC or the NCAA gives Auburn the right to suspend his pay during that period. Auburn’s football program has been investigated by the NCAA in recent months.

That’s one of several changes located in the fine print of Chizik’s contract that Auburn released today…

But since it’s Auburn football, we’ll just call it a vote of confidence.


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21 responses to “Tough times demand tough contracts.

  1. Zero Point Zero

    I work w a guy that played ball at tAU. He talks about the “mail room” where the good players would be told by coaches they got some mail. He said the letters had no stamps or addresses, just names. They always had rectangles in them. Point being, these weren’t golden handshakes which would be impossible to stop. These were coaches going AOL. You’ve got mail!

    Not if but when…


  2. lrgk9

    Auburn Blinked


  3. Scott W.

    Now that’s not not an admission of guilt.


  4. Normaltown Mike

    They know that if they play hardball he’ll just take his skills back to Iowa State…


  5. Go Dawgs!

    “I mean, everything’s Mississippi State’s fault, anyway, right? Why should he get his pay docked just because Mississippi State’s the only school even remotely involved with Cecil Newton, and Auburn didn’t do anything wrong? Did I mention that Mississippi State is the only school to be even remotely implicated in the scandal? Because even though Cam told people the money was too great at Auburn, Mississippi State is clearly the only school involved, and not Auburn, so Chizik was right to make sure that his pay wouldn’t be docked the next time that Mississippi State somehow made trouble for Auburn, which wasn’t at fault, but Mississippi State could have been.”

    – Every Auburn fan I know


    • WarD Eagle


      – Every Georgia fan I know


      • retwely

        I applied to Georgia and didn’t get in

        -75% of Auburn students from the state of Georgia


        • WarD Eagle

          Duke Football Kicks Ass!

          -100% of Auburn / Duke grads laughing at moving goalposts.


        • JayBird

          You can thank the HOPE scholarships for that, right? I have a friend (UGA Grad) whose son was salutatorian, played sports, had community service , and was deferred at UGA. Went to Auburn, and he was happy about it, but Daddy was not. It’s Georgia’s problem that all those kids from Georgia wind up at Auburn. I too was one of them.

          And yes, State is the school with the problem.


      • Scott W.

        Notice here that he said Georgia fans are whiners but nothing about cheating. AU had never gotten away with cheating and why should they start now?


  6. Bulldog Joe

    So under the original contract, Auburn could withhold payment to Chizik by simply launching an internal “investigation”?

    You can call it smart negotiation on their part or you could call it sleaze.

    Either way, Chizik has a much stonger negotiation position at 14-0 than he did at 5-19.


  7. Macallanlover

    Did they dock him last year? They clearly had to have an investigation since they suspended Cam, only to be overturned by the NCAA the next day. Surely they did not take such drastic action without an investigation (that obviously found wrongdoing by Cammie.)


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    More hush money for Chin Gizzic. Keep playing nice, Chinny.


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Senator, I am interested in your legal opinion on the question of firing a head coach “for cause.” If, for example, Cam Newton accepted money to attend Auburn, such could be clearly proved and it was demonstrated that Chizik knew in advance that same occurred would that amount to sufficient “cause” so that Chizik could be fired without Auburn having to pay the $10 Million severance?


    • That depends on what’s in the contract as to grounds for termination. It’s not always as simple as it seems, as the Jim O’Brien suit against Ohio State proved.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The point of my question is that Chizik could possibly seriously violate NCAA Rules, get the University in big trouble (probation, loss of scholarships, maybe even the death penalty), get fired and still have an enforceable claim for the $10 Million severance depending on how weak the contract language is viewed to be. I think right now is an awfully dangerous time for the Barners to be removing protective language from Chizik’s contract.


  10. 69Dawg

    It’s just like when you take a bribe, once you take it the guy owns you for life. If something has(is) happening at Auburn and Gene knows it then he is in the drivers seat. Wonder if they have already included the Terry Bowden clause against talking to anyone about AU wrong doing.