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‘My body’s the army, my mind’s the general.’

Christian Robinson says Herschel Walker could “probably beat every one of us” working out.

I’m trying to figure out if that’s necessarily a bad thing.


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It’s November. That’s what Tennessee does.

I swear, I’ll never understand the significance people have attached to the last four games of Tennessee’s 2010 regular season.

… Tennessee showed signs in its first season under Derek Dooley that he might be the man to revive Tennessee’s flagging fortunes. After all, the Vols had been defeated by at least two touchdowns in five of their last seven games when Dooley sparked the turnaround, a milestone that would have marked the end of the season for a poorly-coached football team…

That “turnaround” took place against Memphis, Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Kentucky.  None of those teams finished 2010 with a winning record; in fact the four combined for a total of only 13 wins.  The Vols didn’t leave the state to play three of those games.  And they never lose to Vandy or Kentucky.  So exactly why is this considered a big deal?

I’m not saying that Tennessee won’t have an improved record this season.  The schedule is friendlier, so it’s certainly a possibility.  But pointing to a four-game win streak against weak sisters as grounds for the proposition that the program (and Tyler Bray, for that matter) is ascending?  I’m not ready to make that leap.


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Mark Richt, taking 2011 day by day

Maybe it’s just me, but I seem to detect a somewhat different tone from Mark Richt this offseason than in offseasons past.  It could be hot seat-based, maybe a little bit of world-weariness creeping into his mindset or perhaps due to less whispers of sweet sunshine pumping in his ears from Van Halanger, but it’s unmistakably there:

Georgia head coach Mark Richt fielded this question on Tuesday: Does the highly ranked, much-anticipated recruiting class ramp up expectations for the Bulldogs this season?

Richt sighed and looked away.

“I don’t know. Doesn’t everybody expect us to win every year?” he said, then laughed. “Does it really matter? I don’t think it does. I really don’t. Whether you said you had a good class or not, I think the expectations are the same.”

And you’d think Georgia’s quiet time with John Law would be a cause for much rejoicing, but Richt sounds almost grim about that, too.

On Tuesday, Richt tied the arrests to the team’s on-field performance.

“I think that they know that that’s probably been part of our issue as to why maybe we haven’t had the success that we believe we should have,” Richt said. “We all know we could wake up tomorrow and have a bad situation. But to this point today, they’ve done a nice job.”

And has made Richt rest easier, right?

“So far,” he said. “Vacation starts tomorrow, so just give me 10 more days.”

I have no idea what that translates into come season’s start, but I appreciate having less smoke blown up my ass, that’s for sure.  Hopefully the team is getting the message that happy talk alone doesn’t translate into wins.


UPDATE:  No matter his mindset, Richt will always be a class act.

Georgia’s preseason roster includes the name of James Eunice, the wide receiver from Valdosta High who drowned in January while duck hunting.

Eunice is listed as No. 23, the number on the Georgia jersey that Richt sent to his family after his death.

Eunice was an honor student who was accepted to Georgia and planned to walk-on this season, according to the Valdosta Daily Times.

Eunice would have turned 18 on Thursday.


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A tale of two beginnings

Georgia’s 2011 season gets off to a high-profile start with two games against highly ranked opponents, including what should be a much-hyped season opener in the Georgia Dome, while Georgia Tech…

Sad face.

“This first game, it’s very exciting for us,” Richt said. “To play in the Dome, it’s a big deal. To play Boise State is a big deal. To know that if we’re not ready, we’re going to get whipped; if we’re not ready, we’re going to get embarrassed.

“That should be a lot of motivation for our players and our coaches. It already is. Of course, game No. 2 is pretty big, too. We just can’t be warming up. We have to be ready to go from the very beginning.”

Georgia Tech opens at home against Western Carolina and goes to Middle Tennessee.

“We’ve had probably varying things through the years,” Yellow Jackets coach Paul Johnson said. “That’s just the way it gets set up sometimes. I think it’s beneficial if you can play most of your nonconference games early. … Middle Tennessee is a bowl team and we’re on the road so that won’t be an easy game. It’s just kind of the way the schedule fell.”

You can feel the buzz, right?

Georgia Tech football will always be Chantastic.


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Mountain West speed, babee!

I found this note from Heisman Pundit in his post about this year’s fastest players in college football kind of interesting:

9. Dallas Burroughs, WR, Boise State – Burroughs is one of the fastest players ever to come out of the state of Idaho.  He ran a 10.34 and 21.06 coming out of Rocky Mountain High in Meridian, Idaho.  He might be the fastest player ever to play for Boise State.  He’s an incoming freshman for the Broncos.

Career Bests: 100m — 10.34; 200m — 21.06

Steele doesn’t mention the 5′ 8″ Burroughs in his preview of Boise State’s receivers, so I have no idea whether he’s being counted on to make a serious contribution this season, but if you see somebody zip by the Georgia secondary on September 3rd, don’t say you weren’t warned.


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