Mountain West speed, babee!

I found this note from Heisman Pundit in his post about this year’s fastest players in college football kind of interesting:

9. Dallas Burroughs, WR, Boise State – Burroughs is one of the fastest players ever to come out of the state of Idaho.  He ran a 10.34 and 21.06 coming out of Rocky Mountain High in Meridian, Idaho.  He might be the fastest player ever to play for Boise State.  He’s an incoming freshman for the Broncos.

Career Bests: 100m — 10.34; 200m — 21.06

Steele doesn’t mention the 5′ 8″ Burroughs in his preview of Boise State’s receivers, so I have no idea whether he’s being counted on to make a serious contribution this season, but if you see somebody zip by the Georgia secondary on September 3rd, don’t say you weren’t warned.


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10 responses to “Mountain West speed, babee!

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Don’t worry Justin Scott Wesley will be running along side him.
    200m – 21.575.
    100m – 10.35


  2. John

    Come on, Blutarsky. That kid is 5’8, 165. That guy would’ve made Prince Miller look like a line backer.


  3. HamDawg11

    It doesn’t matter if he’s 4’1″ with that kind of speed….


  4. The key is to hit him really hard before he hits the jets, he might think twice about catching anything maybe Ogletree will introduce him to SEC Football.


  5. Cojones

    Short and speedy little players have consistently made an impact on teams. We have one also. Teams have shown that they can adjust to these “hiders” who burst quickly from behind shielding players. Although Ore/Ore St got away with it for extended periods of time you can’t continue to depend on such players for the entire game. Yeah, he’ll get away with a few pops, but it won’t be on 3rd or 4th down unless someone can throw him a good block on a 240-50 lb linebacker stuffing the line. Boise St fullbacks on our linebackers? Something to watch closely.


  6. HackerDog

    I wonder if Petersen is smart enough to run him between the tackles?