“Puzzling to say the least.”

Over at Team Speed Kills, that’s kleph’s reaction to the comparison of Georgia’s 2010 turnover margin with its third-place finish in the SEC East.

Welcome to the party, pal.

He’s got some interesting data on last year’s fumble recovery numbers that’s worth a look.  Check out Alabama’s and Mississippi State’s positions on his first chart.


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14 responses to ““Puzzling to say the least.”

  1. Mike

    The whole fumble recovery analysis was interesting to say the least. I am not completely sure I buy that fumble recoveries are *completely* random, and therefore cannot be influenced by quality of athlete or coaching. All things being equal, the faster/more athletic player has a better chance to recover a fumble than his less talented counterpart. Sure, the way the ball bounces has some influence, but I want fast guys on my team chasing a fumble more than I want ponderous guys.

    Also, FALL ON THE BALL, rather than trying to pick it up and run with it is a coachable behavior. A behavior that UGA players and coaches wish their players practiced more often, especially in the Florida/Georgia game.


    • 69Dawg

      +1 Damn it all to hell.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +10. I strongly disagree with the notion that recovering fumbles is random. It is about hustle and who wants the ball more. In fact, in HS the coaches to a man said that it was all about who out-hustled who. If 1 offensive player and 1 defensive player both are right next to the ball when it is fumbled and the offensive player aggressively goes after it while the defensive player makes a half-assed attempt at it which of them do you think is going to get the fumble recovery? It is a coaching thing as hustle is an instilled behavior. Also, I absolutely agree with the FALL ON THE BALL statement above. Just falling on the ball wins at least 1 if not more games last season.


        • D.N. Nation

          “I strongly disagree with the notion that recovering fumbles is random. It is about hustle and who wants the ball more.”

          So basically Nick Saban was the worst coach in America last year at motivating his troops to recover fumbles. Hmm.


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Exactly how many games did Bama lose last year? With a team that everybody said was the best in college football. The guy isn’t God. He beat the system with oversigning not outstanding coaching. Now that everybody else in the SEC West is doing it too let’s see what the future holds at Bama. I predict a Sabanless Bama within 2 years. He’ll see the handwriting on the wall and be gone to greener pastures.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Now that SOS is oversigning I wonder if he can say that stuff with a straight face. Particularly when the recruits know he is oversigning.


  3. RE; Fla./Ga. Game. Harmon Wages attempted to change the game’s name from the Ga./ Fla. Game to the Fla./ Ga. Game. I refuse to accept that change & question any Dawg Fan that calls it anything but what it is: “The Georgia / Florida Game”.


    • Mike

      The letter “F” coms before the letter “G.” Therefore, it will always be the Florida/Georgia game. Or, if you prefer, we can name it the Florida/Goober game.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The name of the home team always comes last. The game is in Jacksonville. Hence, GA vs.FLA.


  4. Macallanlover

    The only thing random about fumble recoveries is the odd bounces a football takes due to it’s shape. I can think of several horriffic bounces UGA has gotten the past few years (balls that went out of bounds when we were in a position to recover with 2-3 guys, our fumbles that stayed in bounds for our opponents that could have just as easily gone out.) Sheet happens.

    Athletic ability (and judgement/training) has EVERY thing to do with recovering a fumble; nothing random about it.


  5. WH

    I’ve heard very few observations about timing and position of turnovers. There’s NEVER a good time for a turnover, but there are poor times, really bad times, terrible times and absolutely worst, worst, WORST times to give up the ball:

    1. A poor time: on the opponent’s 10yd line, late when ahead by 3+ scores.
    2. A really bad time: On the first play of the game.
    3. A terrible time: Mid-game, 3rd & goal at the 1, and ball goes out of bounds for touchback.
    4. Worst time: Under 1 minute left, behind the line of scrimmage, when you’re losing, OR tipped ball over the middle in overtime.

    Any of those scenarios ring a bell? Pick a game UGA lost in 2010 and you will probably find 1 or more occurrences of scenarios 2-4. For example, against Florida, we had both 2 AND 4: Murray to Jenkins (bad play call) and Murray to Black (tipped).

    The whole point of this exercise is to point out what should be obvious: The raw numbers do not tell the story. When you take the context of each turnover surrendered into consideration, it’s not puzzling why our practically stellar turnover margin equated to a 6-7 season.


  6. Joe

    Dogs wuz 12th in SEC in to margin against WINNING TEAMS. That’s the key.

    Also 12th in fumble recovery against WINING teams.

    helps xplain.