Spurrier and the art of the (hard) sale

Interesting anecdote from Robert Edwards about his recruitment by the OBC:

… How close was Edwards to signing with the arch-rival Gators?

“My dad didn’t appreciate the pressure Spurrier put on me. Spurrier was like, ‘If you don’t sign today we may not have a spot for you tomorrow.’ And that’s how he got a lot of his players. Because once you stepped inside his office he expected you to sign a letter of intent right there…I wanted to go with Spurrier and probably would have come back the next day to say I was going to Florida but since he put on that pressure I decided with Georgia.”

Edwards believes that Spurrier has more patience with the recruiting process these days.

Like he has a choice.  What worked for Spurrier in Gainesville probably had people looking at him in Columbia as if he were nuts.


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13 responses to “Spurrier and the art of the (hard) sale

  1. Reptillicide

    “What worked for Spurrier in Gainesville probably had people looking at him in Columbia as if her were [Paul Johnson].”

    Slight edit.


  2. Nate Dawg

    Ah yes, the only time we stuck it to the OBC while he was in Gainsville. Wonder if he recalled that “pressure meeting” as Edwards streaked down the sideline for what was basically the deciding touchdown?


  3. Mike

    While at Florida, Spurrier’s recruting manner was basically “Florida has the best combination of facilites, fans, academics and coaches. We only want players that really want to be Gators.” He did not coddle recruits at all.


    • Bad M

      He won. But take your best fans and academics to someone who might buy that crap. (I can’t say about facilities but the swamp is a hole). Spurrier was a smart coach who figured out a new style of play that it took everyone else a few years to catch up to. You guys weren’t Miami, winning NC after NC. He won one. The way you say it, he was the John Wooden of football.


      • Mike

        Damn fella, dont be so defensive. I was merely sharing Spurrier’s recruiting approach.

        As it turned out, that approach turned off a few recruits. Peyton Manning being one of the more notable Spurrier recruiting fails.


  4. SCDawg

    I’ll bet he never even considered using that strategy on Clowney…


  5. Gern Blanski

    Judging be the way he oversigned last year, I doubt his M.O. has changed too much.

    He might be more patient because of his locale, but I think he still puts that hard sell on the recruit. These guys are really good at convincing kids that if they do not make that decision to commit right now, then that offer is going to go away and they will run out of options.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    I wonder what position the OBC was recruiting Robert for?

    We all, sadly, know what the coach in Athens did with him.