Welcome to the big leagues, kid.

Make sure you read MaconDawg’s initial write-up of what he heard at the Pigskin Preview.  What he was told about Isaiah Crowell’s introduction into the summer work out program is similar to what I’ve heard:

… The incoming freshman “Dream Team” was a big topic of conversation, to the point that it seemed veterans Christian Robinson and Cordy Glenn were frankly a little tired of talking about them. When asked about Isaiah Crowell specifically, Christian Robinson displayed a sly smile and said that while he’d just done 7-on-7 drills with several of the freshmen, Crowell was not able to participate because he “had a hard morning” in conditioning and “got a little sick.” I took from this that our all-world tailback may have been a little too chill during the spring and is not yet quite ready for primetime. I don’t know if that’s reason to worry just yet, but it’s certainly not the same as saying “He fell right in like he’s been here for years.”

I agree that it’s not a matter of concern this early.  I think Mr. Crowell is learning that Coach Tereshinski doesn’t play favorites, though.

(By the way, while we’re doing the workout scuttlebutt, word is that John Jenkins arrived in very good shape and as strong as advertised.  Maybe we’ll hear something about that from MaconDawg in an upcoming installment.)


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  1. heyberto

    I love hearing that.. with the rapid improvement we saw out of Tereshinski’s workout program starting in January, I’m sure he’ll be physically conditioned by the time the season rolls around… hopefully he’ll be a quick study on the dynamics of the offense and able to get up and running quickly.

  2. Spence

    (slowly buying into hype)

    (swooning over offseason improvement)

    (loves new team mindset and work ethic)

    Time to snap out of this and remember all the third downs that killed us last year.

  3. TennesseeDawg

    I’ve been concerned that Crowell might get the big head being overhyped as a savior. Hopefully he gets in line and gets to work

    • heyberto

      This crossed my mind as well. I was thinking that getting sick is a result of pushing himself to work harder than he was accustomed to (it happend to me a long, long time ago), but what do I know?

      • Ubiquitous GA Alum

        I can still hear my HS baseball coach, Coach Roach, laughing and looking into a trashcan during one of our 6AM conditioning drills saying, “Yummmmm Cheerios!”

    • I know we’ve all been disillusioned by a couple seasons’ worth of subpar effort from the RB corps, but I wouldn’t go doubting Crowell’s commitment just yet. Consider that whatever workout regimen Tereshinski has implemented is likely a) considerably more strenuous than anything Crowell encountered in high school and b) if the rumors are true, considerably more strenuous than anything Georgia’s players have encountered in Athens of late. This sounds bad, but I’d rather hear about Crowell getting sick than about him doing some light jogging and then heading over to Snelling with his teammates to tuck in a plate of buffalo wings.

      • Macallanlover

        I am not doubting Crowell’s commitment, nor would I be surprised if he did come in a “little soft” after reading all the headlines this past spring. I never expected a huge contribution from Crowell in year one, any thing we get from him in 2011 is a bonus to me. That isn’t a knock on him, just a reality that teams needing a major contribution from Freshmen are usually disappointed. We can all point to the exceptions, but they are rarely the answer.

        Hopefully Caleb will man-up this year by getting his head straight and playing to his potential to impress the NFL scouts. That will allow Crowell time to grow into the position. I expect IC to see the field, but really hope we have someone else to step up if CK has any downtime.

        • Dawgfan Will

          I’m with you. All the expectations being placed on Crowell (mostly by the media, it seems) are ridiculous. If he has the impact for us that Lattimore had for SC last season, that’s great, but count me in the camp hoping that Caleb King steps it up. Long odds, maybe, but I think he’s shown the talent over the last few seasons.

        • Hopefully one of the biggest ancillary benefits from the Ealey dismissal will be to light a white-hot fire under King’s ass. Actually, if that fire spread to the entire roster’s ass, that’d be OK too.

        • thinkingbulldog

          Comment of the Day IYAM.

  4. baltimore dawg

    please don’t give me reason for optimism.

  5. Go Dawgs!

    I had a few rough mornings in Athens, too.

  6. Irishdawg

    It’s hot as a Nicaraguan rain forest in Georgia now and we’re worrying because the kid got sick? Everyone calm down, I’m sure Crowell isn’t the only freshman Coach T’s workouts have made all pukey. As long as Crowell didn’t show up a big butterball, which we no doubt would have heard about it he had, I’m not worried. In fact, I love hearing that the guys are getting wrung out in the weight room (as long as no one gets hurt)

  7. simpl_matter

    Hearing Big John is already in good shape and as strong as advertised is more than enough compensation for any worries I might have about Crowell getting sick. And, about Crowell, we don’t know how hard he pushed it to get sick. Everyone, even Herschel, can push a workout too far. I’d like to hear more about what exactly made him ill.

  8. Stoopnagle

    Forced to choose, I’d rather have Big John show up ready to roll than Crow-El. If I *had* to choose, that is.

    We’ll hear in snippets how much he wants to be the guy dotting the i in the Dome over the next 70-some-odd days.

  9. Yurdle

    Puking = working hard. It may also = out of shape. But it certainly equals effort.

  10. OKDawg

    I expect it will not take too many conditioning drills before Crowell is back in good shape (assuming he coasted in the spring and early summer). Back in the OLD days, I remember early in training camp was rough regardless of how I conditioned on my own, but after a week or two of hard work I was where I needed to be physically (and where the coaches wanted me). He’s not Albert Haynesworth after all. The climb to “great shape” or “peak condition” for him is a short one.

  11. Irishdawg

    To be 18 again. I remember in my 20s I could shake off the worst Army physical training sessions by the next day with ease. Now, tough workouts usually make me feel like I got tossed in a dryer and put on a spin cycle

  12. Coach Hewitt...

    from a team trainer….

    Workouts under S&C began Monday. The new freshman lift in the morning and the veterans in the afternoon. The core lifts Monday were bench press and squats. They had to get 30 reps at 70% of their max. The S&C staff has been overhauled and has a lot of ex-Bulldogs.Coach T got rid of three GA’s and hired Tony Gilbert with that money. Joining him and Thomas Brown are Verron Haynes, Danell Ellerbee and Bruce Thornton. Keith, Rex and PJ are also still on the S&C staff. Isiah Crowell could not finish the lifting or the running and drew Coach T’s wrath. Ken Malcome could not finish with the veterans.

    The core lifts were Close grip inclines and leg presses. Wednesday. is conditioning only and back to the weightroom on Thursday and Friday. This is different than under DVH. Under Van they would work 4 straight days and have Friday off.The most obvious leader in the weightroom is Christian Robinson. Bruce Figgins came in great shape. The most impressive of the new players is clearly John Jenkins. He is very strong and is in great shape. He will be the first new player moved to the veterans workouts. Crowell continues to struggle and was the only player who couldn’t finish tuesday. He threw up more than once.

    • heyberto

      Sounds like its doing what it’s designed to do.. Crowell’s body is clearly in shock. This is all good.

      • simpl_matter

        Shock is good, rhabdomyolysis is not (the workout routine, as Coach Hewitt relays it, doesn’t sound like it would put them at risk of that).

    • D

      Chest two days in a row, huh? Thought the body was supposed to need a few days to recover for each muscle group.

    • Faulkner

      Don’t be afraid to keep the reports coming. Thanks.

  13. hassan

    From what I have seen of Joe T’s new conditioning program, it’s going to be a shock to a lot of guys.

  14. Scott W.

    Hearing that Crowell got pukey is a thousand times better than hearing “everyone is working real hard in the weight room”.

  15. 69Dawg

    It’s great to hear we have so many DGDs working with the guys. These guys know the true Georgia way and I’m sure they will motivate the guys. I apologize in advance for what I’m about to say but my only recurring nightmare in this Crowell love fest is the memory of Jasper Sanks. I wake up in a cold sweat. These reports are not helping my nightmares go away. Somebody say something to help me.

    • HamDawg11

      “I apologize in advance for what I’m about to say but my only recurring nightmare in this Crowell love fest is the memory of Jasper Sanks.”

      Thanks, you just made me all pukey…….

    • thinkingbulldog

      I’m sure you want to get that memory of Jasper Sanks out of your head. Use the memory of Danny Ware.

  16. Comin' Down The Track

    A friend of mine said John Jenkins was running around the track like a runner… not like a nose tackle.

  17. It has nothing to do with being “too soft” coming in, or being “over hyped.” Plain and simple, the transition from highschool athlete to D-1 athlete is not one that can simply be “walked into.” Everyone has an adjustment to make. When I think about the fact that I actually did that, I’m surprised. Simply put, if he were able to just walk in and do everything immediately, there’d be alot more to worry about.

  18. Cojones

    Hot dang! Just the team news I’ve been begging for. Individual team member news in a team setting is what gives one the feel for that first game. Please remember that the players are conditioning for Fall training that begins in about 45 days. I’ve seen Army- trained/ conditioned men throw up after their first days training for Special Forces. The step up is meant to be grueling in order to learn how to overcome physical situations you place your body into when in exceptional combat conditions. Actual combat kicks in adrenaline that makes you do physical acts you never undertook in training.

    I’ll bet that the first time Isaiah touches the ball in the Dome and that extra adrenaline kicks in we won’t be disappointed.

  19. I am liking all that i have heard–Senator you got some true dogs to write in on this one