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Even Vandy does it.

Roster management, that is (h/t CollegeFootballTalk.com).

… Goro (6-2, 205) went through spring practice as the No. 2 quarterback behind Larry Smith, but that was because Jordan Rodgers was unable to scrimmage due to recent shoulder surgery. Rodgers is now throwing again and expects to be at full strength by the start of August camp.

Franklin also added three quarterbacks in his 2011 signing class.

“The specifics I’m not comfortable getting into, but basically from the time I arrived on campus there were some situations and some concerns,” Franklin said. “I wanted to give him every opportunity to prove himself under a new regime.

“Basically it comes down to this: We have a high standard for everyone on the team. But the reality is the quarterbacks are going to be under a different microscope, from a leadership standpoint with teammates to commitment level … all those things. We felt like internally it was in his best interest to move on.”

Bobby Petrino couldn’t have said it any better.  And do you notice how this kind of decision always seems to be in the player’s best interest and never the program’s?  SEC head coaches sure are a selfless bunch.


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Another straw to grasp

I tell you what, if Edward Aschoff is correct about the pecking order of offensive line quality in the SEC this season, I’m a bit more optimistic about Georgia’s chances, with the caveat that Lattimore is Moreno-esque in his ability to make his offensive line seem better than it is.


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Are we witnessing the birth of a new meme?

Athlon joins Steele in predicting that Georgia wins the SEC East this season, although the call sounds like it’s based more on a weak division than a strong team.

The Bulldogs dipped last year, then they lost their best players on both sides of the ball, among other starters. The optimism rests with the influx of recruits, the return of Murray, the second year in the 3-4 defense, and a favorable league schedule that does not include Alabama or LSU — the two top teams in the West. This might not be a vintage Georgia team that is capable of competing for a national title, but the Bulldogs should be in the hunt to win the relatively mediocre SEC East.


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College men from LSU

If you haven’t seen this Jordan Jefferson clip yet, get ready to chuckle.


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Ripped from the pages of The Onion

And I thought Ohio State had lost the ability to surprise me.

According to 10TV News in Columbus, OSU director of NCAA compliance Doug Archie received a “courtesy vehicle” from a local dealership in exchange for a pair of season tickets to Buckeye football games. The dealership Archie received his free Jeep from is owned by Mike D’Andrea, a former Buckeyes linebacker.

D’Andrea, by the way, told the news station that sometimes he hires student athletes during the summer.

Has anybody checked Archie for tats?


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