A clean slate

I feel like I’m missing something after reading this.  Are schools arguing that their APR numbers should be tossed aside every time a head coaching change occurs?  If so, that would be a pretty handy way of getting around NCAA sanctions for not meeting the minimum requirements.


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3 responses to “A clean slate

  1. Chuck

    I don’t see the problem for Strong – it is clear he came at the end of a year and may not deserve all the blame. But Louisville as a school it is pitiful and suggests an institutional problem, and you can’t polish that turd by saying it’s not fair to strong.


  2. GreenDawg

    There’s a pretty simple solution, just don’t hire a coach until Jan. 1st. It’ll become the signing day for coaches. Maybe they’ll hold mini press conferences at their high schools and choose from hats.


  3. baltimore dawg

    that’s exactly what they’re arguing, which is tantamount to a confession of a lack of institutional control: coach x ran amok, but now we’re on the trolley with coach y; coach y ran amok, but now we’re on the trolley with coach z, and so on.