He’s getting the band back together.

Meet the latest addition to Georgia’s strength and conditioning staff.



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8 responses to “He’s getting the band back together.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    TB was a weight room warrior. Solid hires.


  2. hasbeen

    I’m not hearing good things about the player’s response to our weight room changes as reflected by their attendance and work ethic. I don’t know what to believe, but I know that TB is a Van Halenger fan and this move does nothing to strengthen the change to Coach T&K.

    Somebody needs to post the strenth/speed gains and compare to previous years. This will be something to watch closely over the next few months.


    • 69Dawg

      Wow if watching the pussies that have played the last two seasons didn’t convince you that Coach Van had lost control your dumber than you last statement. All I’ve heard is bitching and complaining about having there butts kicked. I think we was the last player to miss a drill unexcused and he now plays for Jax State. If the players don’t do what Coach T asks we don’t need them on the team. By the way Coach Van has been posting BS stats for at least 3 years Van Cuff is exhibit A.


      • hasbeen

        I’m hoping for the best and hopeful it’s just bad attitudes. Neither Coach Van or T are fully responsible for the effort on the field. Do you really believe Coach Van made numbers up?


    • If there is anything we should have learned over the last couple of seasons with regards to S&C, it’s that the numbers they post mean absolutely nothing.


      • Amen to that. After all the BS numbers they put out before last season, I was floored at how physically superior teams like SC looked against us. The ‘Cocks didn’t blow us out on the scoreboard, but they physically controlled us the entire game, I couldn’t believe it. I vowed then to never pay any attention to preseason strength & conditioning hype.


    • Spence

      Without a source this comment is pretty worthless, particularly when weighed against what is being publicly said about the new regime.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe it makes no difference, but shouldn’t we make these announcements when CMR is in town? It would reinforce the perception he’s actively involved in day-to-day decisions with his team.