“That’s why I’ve always wanted him around.”

Butch Davis and John Blake – Butch and “Black Santa” – go way back together.  Waaay back.

… Davis, 60, has known — and trusted — Blake, 51, for nearly 40 years. They first met during Blake’s sophomore year of high school in Sand Springs, Okla., a suburb outside of Tulsa. Davis was Blake’s biology teacher.

“He made such an impression on me that I still remember exactly where he sat in my class when he was 15 years old,” Davis told the Tulsa World in 2009. “That’s John Blake. He has a gift when it comes to relationships.”

And yet somehow the NCAA allowed itself to be convinced that in one teeny, tiny area of malfeasance – selling college athletes to professional agents – Davis was completely blindsided by what his old friend was up to, despite the publicity Blake received after he was canned by Oklahoma more than a decade ago.

… After Blake’s firing in November 1998, The Oklahoman reported “it was widely known” that Blake went to work in the agent business and Oklahoma officials privately were angry that Blake attempted to contact Sooners players in that role.

“Through the process, I sacrificed a whole lot and took a whole lot of negative things,” Blake told The New York Times two years ago. “But if it’s for one man to gain the glory, then I’ll just accept it. That’s fine with me.”

The NCAA, where every coach is encouraged to find his inner Sargeant Schultz.


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6 responses to ““That’s why I’ve always wanted him around.”

  1. Lrgk9

    Yeah, I like that line ‘Institututional Cluelessness’.

    As in the NCAA is Institutionally Clueless in allowing a member to use the affirmative defense of ‘Institutional Cluelessness.’

    Ahh – funny if it wasn’t so true. Kind of like laughing with cracked ribs.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Schultz is the Nazi answer to Barney Fife.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    It was never about the money. It was all about the relationships, people.


  4. Dog in Fla

    The NCAA where every caught coach is encouraged to write his own letter of plausible deniability just as every other Dear Leader at the top of food chains elsewhere does



  5. D

    For some reason, I keep thinking about “South Park: The Movie” when I hear Butch talk about Blake. Weird. UNC needs to clean house.

    IMO –

    The last major big-school case prior to USC was Alabama. The NCAA blew kisses to Alabama’s compliance department’s cooperation. The man heading that effort ended up running the COI. Lesson — cooperation just hastens the blow, rather than mitigating it.

    So what did USC do? Surprise — no cooperation. USC’s penalties were considered excessively harsh in some quarters, given the infractions. But anyone reading between the lines saw an NCAA irritated with a school convinced that there was no reward in a real compliance effort. Lesson — cooperate.

    Which makes the UNC and OSU cases quite interesting. UNC suspended anyone and everyone they thought might have an eligibility issue. They confiscated player cell phones (apparently legal, which I find amazing). The NC SBI even issues subpoenas, although I don’t think UNC should get credit for that.

    So this will be interesting. To cooperate or not to cooperate – that is the question.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Recent history seems to favor the non-cooperation route IMO. See AJ Green/Georgia (giving access to Green’s personal finances and voluntarily suspending him for the first 2 games of the season) as opposed to Cam Newton/Auburn (stonewalling and refusing to suspend Newton themselves for any length of time). If you voluntarily give them rope they will hang you with it.