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He’s only so nice.

Even Mark Richt has his limits.

… The story of this trip was about caring and sharing. As a way of transitioning to the more cutthroat world of college football, let’s consider one story Richt told on himself this week.

Yes, there are limits to his Christian charity.

While the Richts were in Honduras, three of their four children were at a religious camp in Missouri. One of the counselors there, a close family friend, had asked the Richts for a ticket to the season opener against Boise State. Katharyn initially said no problem. But when her husband learned that the ticket actually was for a friend of their friend — a Boise State fan — he turned down the request flat.

“He’s a good kid, but I’m not going to help Boise State. We’re going to do battle, and the last thing I want to do is help some of them,” the coach said.


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Putting your national title game money where your mouth is.

Pretty fun read from kleph here about the opportunity to purchase a reservation – a non-refundable reservation – to buy tickets to the BCS title game.


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It’s okay when they do it.

A Kentucky high school safety just got a greyshirt offer… from Michigan.

I’m sure we’ll hear the gnashing of teeth from the usual quarters any minute now.


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One man’s problem is another man’s tasty malt beverage.

From the folks at SweetWater Brewing:

Our sweet, innocent and moral El Dressel lost his way as Brutus led him down a dark alley to recruit tattoos and car loans for the Columbus hops in an effort to stack his on-field Double IPA recipe with the most aggressive hops O-round. Unfortunately El Dressel was discovered, humiliated and banished, leaving a permanent wrinkle in his sweater vest and instantly creating the Browneyed Buckeye!!!

Get it while you can, because just like last year’s Sugar Bowl win, this one will be gone before you know it!

Too bad it’s only available on draft.  This would make a great looking bottle:

Somebody should ship Gordon Gee a keg.

(h/t reader J. Scott Boss)


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