Putting your national title game money where your mouth is.

Pretty fun read from kleph here about the opportunity to purchase a reservation – a non-refundable reservation – to buy tickets to the BCS title game.


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4 responses to “Putting your national title game money where your mouth is.

  1. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    1:47 I am in line surrounded by Nebraska fans. They
    are taunting me. I am taunting back, still certain
    that we are going to kick the s*(& out of Nebraska. I
    decide to challenge a particularly vocal Nebraska fan
    to play what I now call and will forever be remembered
    as “Cell-Phone Flop Out.”
    Remember flop out for a dollar? The rules are similar. I tell this Nebraska
    jacka$$ that if he’s so confident in his team, he
    should “flop out” his cell phone RIGHT NOW and make
    plane reservations to Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl.
    And then I spoke these memorable words: “And not
    those damn refundable tickets, either! You request those
    non-refundable, non-transferrable sons-of-b!tches!”
    He backs down. He is unworthy. I call Southwest
    Airlines and buy two tickets to Phoenix,
    non-refundable and non-transferrable. Price: $712. He is humbled.
    He lowers his head in shame. I raise my cell phone in
    triumph to the cheers of hundreds of Texas fans. I am
    KING and these are my subjects. I distribute the 11
    beers in my pants to the cheering masses. I RULE the
    pre-game kingdom.


  2. Mike

    Florida and Georgia are cheap