And it had been such a nice, quiet offseason, part two.

On the other hand, what to make of this rant by CFN’s Russ Mitchell which lambastes Mark Richt for running an undisciplined program without noting that there hasn’t been a single run-in with the law since the end of last season or the circumstances surrounding Ealey’s departure from the team?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.


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  1. Macallanlover

    Mitchell seems to the stereotypical, shallow sports writer who picks up on a theme and runs with it before investigating it. If you want to find someone who represents lack of discipline in CFB, Richt is one of the last you would point to. Do not know a single disciplinary case he has walked away from, not one. Do players misbehave? Everywhere, we all know that. The key is what you do when you learn of the bad behavior. Richt works extra hard to investigate it, and always issues punsihment. Anyone who uses the End Zone Celebration penalty as an example of lack of discipline didn’t do their research. It would be a much better example of over-reaction by referees and the media than any attempt to say CMR endorses breaking rules. Weak, very weak thinking.


  2. Merk

    Richt is clearly a crap coach cause players get in trouble. Nevermind that 80%+ of our run-ins with the law were for traffic violations. Clearly Richt is raising his own little gangbangers, who will bring the world down with their alley exiting and parking ticket fines.

    In the end though these stories will never stop. When he dismisses players for being repeatedly stupid no one gives him credit, but when he gives a player a chance for a mistake he has no control. How many coaches have you seen boot a QB off the team who is competing for the starting job…when you have 3 total scholarship QBs at that. True Richt did give Ealey a bit too many chances, but he did resolve that.


  3. Irishdawg

    I would ask this dunce to name one felony arrest for a player that didn’t result in a booting. Tennessee had several players mixed up in a fight that HOSPITALIZED A COP for crissake’s, and Richt is running a rogue program?


  4. Biggus Rickus

    Did I miss something? Were the expectations high in 2006 when we knew a true freshman was probably going to have to start the bulk of the season?


  5. Biggus Rickus

    I like this at the bottom:
    “If you you have what it takes to write with the CFN Bloggers…”

    Apparently it takes hyperbolic argumentation to support terrible arguments. And I don’t have what it takes.


  6. simpl_matter


    I accidentally clicked through on the link, I vowed to never visit that site again a few weeks back, Two pop-up ads for a single page load, they sure aren’t trying to build their viewership (or generate revenue, who clicks on old-fashioned pop-ups?!?).

    That guy is a jack-ass. A curse on him and his employer. Oh lord, please let Jarvis Jones be eligible and please please let us kick some ass this year to shut people like this tool up.


  7. GeorgetownDawg

    You folks took the bait hook, line and sinker. He was given the job of writing a counter in a “Point/Counter” column. Calm down and stop giving college football fans the rep of being toothless, uneducated hicks.


    • zdub

      Because voicing opinions regarding a poorly written/thought out article makes us all look like uneducated hicks. /sarcasm.

      Get off that high horse you’re riding and typing on.


      • GeorgetownDawg

        Voicing hostile opinions about an article purposely written as a counter to another article shows a lack of intelligence (“That guy is a jack-ass. A curse on him and his employer.) What was the writer supposed to do, refuse the assignment or write a watered-down counter to make the toothless masses happy? He’s laughing his ass off at folks like you because he got just the reaction his employer wanted.


        • simpl_matter

          And now a curse on you, GeorgetownDawg, for making me click on that damn link again. I still stand by the jack-ass comment, IMO making a counter-point should involve counter-facts, not hyperbole and counter-character assassination.


        • Macallanlover

          Seriously? I was taught anything you put your name to impacts your reputation, unless done with a gun to your head. I don’t see how having others know you are a fool is grounds for him to “laugh his ass off.” The question is how does this make these comments make us look like the lesser side? I have been offered many chances to make money that I declined because it was 1) illegal, 2) unethical, or 3) beneath my dignity. If he needs money that badly let him find other work. If you don’t stand for something……


        • Biggus Rickus

          I’ll just be blunt and say you’re an asshole of the highest order.


          • GeorgetownDawg

            I’m so sorry that Russ Mitchell hurt your widdle feelin’s with his assignment article. Rational folks don’t let things like that get under their skin – grow up.


        • Charles

          Bein’ tuthlez and awl this may be tuff to artickul8t’, but what if all thez opinionz ‘espressed on this blog were just a counter to the author’s counter? Retorickul question…


  8. joe

    “And there’s not a player at LSU today who joined after Perrilloux was booted that doesn’t live with the positive effects of that decision.”

    (You mean like METTENBERGER????)


  9. He forgot to mention a few other factors that helped shape recent shortcomings ….

    1. Being the most penalized team in the SEC.

    2. The most likely to turn the ball over.

    3. The least likely to actually recover a fumble or intercept a pass that hits the DB directly in the hands.

    4. The most likely to direct the kick off directly out of bounds.

    5. The most likely to have two underclassmen, skill position superstars taken in the first round of the NFL draft.

    6. The most likely team to have impact players injured early and often.

    Damned lack of discipline is a killer.

    Other than that, I’m just not feeling his vibe, I guess.


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Who the f#ck is Russ Mitchell anyway? Just another douchebag given a license to print gibberish on the internet. Don’t read his stuff and don’t go to that site anymore. That’s the best way to shut the SOB up. I also thoght the “point” written by the other douchebag was a “damn by faint praise” kind of piece. F#ck ’em both. After this season they’ll both be looking like idiots and, hopefully, be looking for a job (preferably outside of journalism).


  11. WH

    No doubt, CFN is one of the less readable sites out there, but Barrett Sallee is actually a decent writer and one of the few who actually maintains some semblance of objectivity. I don’t always agree with him, but he has some good insights. AND, I’ll say this for his half of the “Point/Counter:” He is absolutely right on just about everything.

    When you consider the state of program only a few months ago (vs. UCF), I think we all just need to be thankful that we get a bit of a break in the schedule department this year. Does anyone honestly believe we would have a decent shot at the SEC East (never mind being favored) if we were playing the schedule from 2008 or 2009?